Consulting Services That Help You Launch and Grow Your Pet Care Biz | The Dog Gurus

the dog gurus business consulting service helps launch and grow pet care businesses

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 113 - The Dog Gurus

Consulting Services That Help You Launch and Grow Your Pet Care Biz | The Dog Gurus

Is your pet care business ready to go to the next level?

Fall in love all over again with running it by teaming up with The Dog Gurus!

A pet care business consulting and staff training company, The Dog Gurus helps pet care biz owners launch, grow, and profit.

The team does this by helping pet business owners create their own sustainable companies.

According to Robin Bennett, one of the founders of The Dog Gurus,

“Primarily, we work with boarding and daycare industries. We have some trainers, pet sitters, dog, and walkers. But we’re basically trying to raise the bar of safety for all animals in the pet industry.”

The Dog Gurus: Humble Beginnings

humble beginnings of the dog gurus

Although The Dog Gurus was formed about seven years ago, Robin has been working together with her co-founder, Susan Briggs, for even longer than that.

At first, both of them ran their own pet care facilities, doing doggy daycare back when it wasn’t as popular yet as it is today.

However, Susan and Robin noticed that the industry was missing tools to train staff to truly understand canine body language and what constituted good play versus inappropriate play.

In fact, they themselves needed help training their own staff.

This led to Susan creating her own little manual.

Susan eagerly shared,

“I thought there had to be something better. So, one time, at a conference, I was like, ‘Robin, we should just write a book that would help people do that.’ And that’s how we started working together.”

off leash dog play a complete guide to safety & fun with the dog gurus

From this partnership came a book they called “Off-Leash Dog Play: A Complete Guide to Safety & Fun”, which they used to train their own staff members.

Fortunately, other pet care business owners were happy with all the information they presented in the book.

However, it was really the suggestion of adding a video that encouraged them to create a true training system they called “Knowing Dogs”.

Susan continued,

“That core product has trained thousands of pet care professionals. It’s a proven product that has been phenomenal. We’ve heard from businesses that it reduces injuries and incidents and gives our staff confidence to do a great job and enjoy it.”

knowing dogs 101 dog language by the dog gurus training material

With the success of their book and training course, Susan and Robin began working together more and more.

Eventually, they saw that there were more advantages to merging their company, which led to the birth of The Dog Gurus.

Right now, both founders’ aim is to bring their knowledge and training to the pet parent market.

“Ultimately, for us, dogs are our passion, and we know that dogs make everybody’s life better. And we can make the life better for the dogs by teaching canine body language.”



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Robin: I’m Robin Bennett, and Susan Briggs is over there on the other screen. We’re co-founders of The Dog Gurus, and you are tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Excellent introduction. So, of course, like I always do, I’m going to start off Robin, with you. So, tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Robin: We are helping to innovate the pet care industry, by providing online business consulting and staff training services to the pet industry.

Primarily, we work with the boarding and daycare industries. We have some trainers, pet sitters, dog walkers.

But we’re basically trying to raise the bar of safety for all animals in the pet industry.

Chris: That’s a big statement.

And how long have you guys been at this?

Robin: We’ve actually formed The Dog Gurus, I guess seven years ago. But Susan and I have been working together for even longer than that.

Susan: Yes, we wrote a book together. Robin and I— We both had our own pet care facilities doing doggy daycare— kind of back in the days where it wasn’t near as popular as it is today.

One of the things that were missing in the industry were tools to train staff to really understand canine body language and what was good play versus inappropriate play.

We were together at a conference, and it’s like, well, we should just write a book that would help people do that. So, that’s how we kind of got started working together back in 2007— was we wrote a book called: Off-Leash Dog Play: A Complete Guide to Safety & Fun

Chris: Nice, I love that.

I love the fact that you started with one thing very specific to dog behavior, but now it’s really morphed, hasn’t it, Robin? into a complete model— and you guys are even grown up further.

Robin: It really started because—ultimately for us, dogs are our passion, and we know that dogs make everybody’s life better, and we can make the life better for the dogs by teaching canine body language.

We also knew from being in the industry, we got frustrated with— the incidents that we would see. And we would read articles in the paper about a dog that got injured.

And we would read the article and we would go: We know exactly why this happened, and there’s ways to prevent this stuff.

And that’s how the canine body language started.

But then we also started seeing a common theme of pet care business owners who get into business because they love the animals and they don’t know how to run a business.

And they were burning out. The really, really successful people often didn’t know enough about financial stuff to stay profitable, and they were killing themselves.

And we just have a passion for helping those pet care business owners. So, with Susan’s background, especially in accounting, we started to help them say: Okay, here’s how you really need to look at your financials, and you need to know your numbers, and you need to understand how to put in these systems so that, you can really enjoy the life you’ve built and not burn out.

So, that passion really did help us to grow The Dog Gurus, and now we just want to take all of that canine body language knowledge and help the pet parents as well.

So, yeah, we continue to see opportunity where we can really just make life better for dogs, which is what we’re all about.

Chris: Susan, how many different clients are you guys supporting? I mean, how big has the doggy daycare business grown?

Susan: We have close to 600 members in our different programs.

Plus, it was interesting this week I was talking to a dog daycare owner and she’s like, “Yeah, I’m using the DVDs that he started with back in 2010.”

“I’m still using those to train my staff.” We know that that product has been out there, and thousands of people have went through that training.

And it’s pretty amazing, actually.

Robin: We also know that the pet industry has just grown. There’s not any good statistics for how many daycare boarding and kennel operations there are, but we know we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of how many there really are out there.

There’s tons of opportunity.

Chris: Susan, what is the plan? I mean, you mentioned building out for pet parents like myself, and how did that kind of curriculum come together?

Susan: You’d be surprised how much of what we’ve done for pet professionals is applicable to the pet parent.

And so, we just kind of change it up to where it’s directed to how you would interact with your dog and being able to apply the things that we’ve been teaching.

And so, we started with content that we felt would be applicable. And then— we kind of got a plan of content to add throughout the year so that you guys can benefit from kind of the professional insiders and secrets, which are not really secrets, but make a big difference.

Chris: So, Susan, once you get the pet parent stuff out there, what’s next, what’s the vision?

Susan: Well, we just want to expand and grow. We do have members—professional members that are in other countries.

And so, we feel like there is an opportunity to continue to share what we have with more globally.

And as Robin said, there’s a lot here in the US. So, we just want to get the word out that owning a pet care business, you don’t have to get burned out.

It can be easier to take care of the animals. You don’t have to have incidents. There shouldn’t be incidents. They should be few and far between and let us help you do that.

Chris: So, Robin, if people are interested in learning more about you ladies want to check out what you guys have, where can they go?

Robin: They can go to THEDOGGURUS.COM and for our pet parent information they can go to RUFFLYSPEAKINGDOG.COM

Chris: We’ll make sure that we link those things in there so that, people can easily find both of you The Dog Gurus.

I’m sure if they search The Dog Gurus you guys will come up as well. So, that’s an easy way for them to do it.

And as we wrap up the show here, I’ll just remind our viewers and listeners that it always starts with a passion for animals.

So, just like Susan and Robin, that’s where it started. And look at what they’ve built. They’ve built a business out of this that’s innovating and helping even more people.

And if you’ve got an idea for a product or a business or service anything, we’d love to talk about it. So, go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and we’ll get you on the show and talk about it.

And a reminder to please sign up for DOOBERT.COM where you can be a volunteer and there’s lots thousands of animals, dogs and cats that need transport and fostering to get to their forever home.

So, it’s free sign-up at DOOBERT.COM.

Thank you so much, Susan and Robin, for coming on today. It was really great to talk to you both.

Robin: Yeah, thanks for having us.

Susan: Yeah, it was great.

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