Here at Doobert we focus on bringing together animal rescue volunteer and animal welfare organizations to save animals. Our technology powers your passion for animals and allows you to choose how to get involved.

We’re excited to bring the Animal Professionals podcast to Doobert where we hope you’ll be inspired to get involved with animal welfare. Tune in weekly and learn from the best of the best in animal welfare.

Coming Soon! The Animal Trainers podcast where we’ll connect with animal trainers across the country and learn what inspires them to help the animals in their community. We’ll talk about tips and tricks for hard to train animals and even dive into their philosophy and methods.

Animal Professionals Podcast

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Hosted By

Chris Roy

The Animal Professionals podcast is where you can learn from many different types of professionals in the animal welfare industry. We interview the leaders and innovators and provide you real world tips and guidance to inspire you!

Animal Trainers Podcast

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Hosted By

Rachael Wondra

The Animal Trainers podcast will inspire and educate. We want to spread the word about the amazing trainers across the country and even around the world. We believe that knowledge is power and that every trainer brings something unique to the industry. You’ll be inspired by their stories, learn their training philosophy and much much more!