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How to Hold Online Auctions on Doobert

  The excitement. The anticipation. The awesome feeling of victory when you outbid your fellow bidders. All these make online auctions one of the best ways to make fundraising more interesting and engaging. And if you’ve been looking for a platform to hold one yourselves, then look no further because Doobert has you covered! One…

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How Adding Your Volunteers to Doobert Benefits Animal Rescue As A Whole

  One of the most common questions we get from organizations is, “Why do we need to add our volunteers and staff to Doobert?” And, you’re probably wondering the same thing. You’re already keeping in contact with your volunteers and staff outside of the Doobert platform, so why add them? How will that benefit you…

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The Easiest Way to Stay Up-to-Date on Specific Web Topics

  Because of the internet, almost any kind of information is literally at our fingertips. With just a few clicks or taps, we can instantly get answers to our questions. But, what if there was an easier and less time-consuming way to do that? What if the information you’re looking for are the ones making…

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How to Assign Pets to Your Fosters on Doobert

  Did you know that you can actually assign pets to your available fosters on Doobert? You can even invite ones that aren’t on the platform yet and match them up with your rescues. Yep! With Fosterspace, the newest addition to Doobert’s features, managing your fosters is easier than ever. Everything you need will be…

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The Easiest Way to Track Your Team’s Time Remotely

  Now that you’ve started working with your team remotely, you might be having a hard time tracking your staff’s time and seeing where everyone’s time is going. And it doesn’t exactly help that your inbox is already swamped with messages about other concerns. Well, we have just the solution to your time tracking issues…

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Find the Items You Need Using Doobert’s Trading Post Feature!

  In most cases, shelters and rescues struggle with making do of limited resources. Many rely on donations and fundraisers alone and often don’t raise enough money to accommodate the needs of the animals. But, one way to lessen the burden is to build connections with other organizations and become a resource for one another….


The All-in-One Tool for Your Social Media Management Needs

  Having a good social media presence is extremely beneficial, especially for us animal welfare organizations. It allows us to spread the word about our causes more effectively and build connections with other people, which is very important in our industry. For you as a shelter or rescue, a big following can make it easier…

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You Can Create Multiple Volunteer Profiles on Doobert!

  Did you know that you can actually create different types of volunteer profiles on Doobert? Maybe you don’t just want to be a volunteer transporter but a foster and a virtual volunteer, too. Doobert gives you the freedom to choose how you want to help organizations save more lives! And in case you’re worried…

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Create A Custom Email Address with Google for FREE

  Is your organization still using email addresses that end with “@gmail.com”, “@hotmail.com”, or “@someothercompany.com”? If you are, you probably have your reasons. Perhaps, because of your busy schedule, you just haven’t gotten around to changing it. Or maybe, you’re feeling like you’re not in the position to add to your current expenses right now,…

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Get More Work Done in the Digital Space with Box

  If you’ve read some of our previous blogs, you would’ve already noticed that we’re kind of sharing one collaboration tool after another. Well, that’s only because we know first-hand how challenging it can be to work with an entire team of people remotely. Before, we’ve talked about collaboration tools that are more centered on…