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Larry Wright

Episode 2 – Larry Wright

  The Green Pet Shop manufactures unique and eco-friendly products for pets that solves problems at a competitive price. In this episode, Chris Roy speaks with Larry Wright, founder and CEO of The Green Pet Shop, to journey back to their humble beginnings and shine a light on the story behind their company’s most popular…

Get Unique and Affordable Eco-Friendly Pet Products on The Green Pet Shop

  As a pet parent, living sustainably means not only being mindful of the products you use but also the ones you purchase for your pet–which oftentimes, is easier said than done.   With people becoming more and more aware of our planet’s diminishing resources, more and more businesses are introducing eco-friendly products.   However,…

Jessica Schleder

Episode 1 – Jessica Schleder

  Most animal shelters lack the tools and resources to produce good pet photos and as a result, many homeless pets get overlooked on adoption sites and social media and end up getting euthanized. This discovery motivated Jessica Schleder to innovate a solution in the form of Adoptimize: a software that automatically transforms shelter photos…

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Raise Awareness and Funds At Zero Cost with Cloztalk

  Running a nonprofit takes serious dedication and passion. You normally don’t get anything in return for the work you do, but you do it anyway because you believe in your mission and the change that it will bring to the world. But, getting the word out about your organization and the reason why you…

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This Automated Pet Photo Editor is Increasing Adoption Rates In Shelters

    We hear it time and time again: A picture is worth a thousand words.   And undoubtedly, the saying holds true for many homeless pets. For them, a single photo can make the difference between life and death.   The deciding factor? How good a photo is at attracting an adopter.   For…

How to Start A Fundraiser on Doobert

How to Start A Fundraiser for Your Animal Shelter or Rescue with Doobert

  Planning to start a fundraiser for your animal shelter or rescue? Why not create one with Doobert? As a Doobert member, you get access to plenty of awesome features on our website, and one of these features allows you to publish a FREE fundraising landing page for your organization. What’s so great about this…



We has the pleasure of transporting Brynn from St Charles to Vandalia. She is such a sweet girl!  She rode in the car very well, we hardly heard a peep from her. She gave kisses and was just lazy and snuggly. I’m so glad we get to help these babies…


Sweet Ella

I am SO glad SOAR reached out to me to ask if I could help on this transfer. Ella was what my husband and I called the sweetest, cutest, life size stuffed animal! I feel blessed that we got to drive the leg that handed off Ella to her forever…


Puppies to Algonquin

Great team of transporters to deliver 5 puppies to Bark of an Angel rescue in Algonquin, IL.  All went smoothly and everyone got some puppy breath!  Some of them were very scared but want4ed to trust, I think they will make wonderful companions for lucky families.