about Doobert.com CatWhat is a Doobert?
Like an abstract painting with broad strokes of orange and white, and flecks of pink and green, Doobert exuded warmth, charm and positive energy. He was an extrovert, friendly, good-natured and determined. He thrived on human social contact, brought people together, and took great satisfaction in helping others. He was the life of the party; the “loud talker,” if you will; charming, sociable, and inspiring. Doobert was an old soul…kind, gentle, patient and filled with unconditional love and an unspoken wisdom.

Doobert was no ordinary cat…He was nothing short of amazing!

Initially named Q, after Jean Luc’s arch nemesis in the popular series Star Trek™, his name morphed over the years into Qbert™ (after the 80′s arcade game character), then into Doobert, well – for no particular reason! Shortly thereafter, our household became comprised of 4 cats; Doobert, Jean Luc-bert, Holly-bert, and Noel-bert; and 2 dogs, Bear-bert, and Maddy-bert. Heck! We even became Mommy-bert and Daddy-bert, just for good measure!

For 17 years, Doobert loved with his whole heart and every inch of his 15 pound being (not bad for the runt of the litter). We couldn’t have loved him any more if he had been our own child; our own flesh and blood. He spent his early years annoying his older brother, Jean Luc, with his love and adoration, and welcoming Chris home from his weekly travels. He accepted his sisters as they arrived; snuggling regularly with Noel – his instant pal. He even welcomed the dogs, Bear and Maddox, as they arrived, and snuggled the occasional four-legged house guests. He studied with Daphne through law school, stayed up late while she was working and during bouts of insomnia, nuzzled his face against hers, and gave kisses with his wet nose.

Not a cat

Doobert saw us through Daphne’s life-threatening illness, made her rest when she needed it, and was always OUR rock – always there to shout at the top of his little feline lungs, “I’m coming to find you…I’m almost there…getting closer…getting closer still…here I am! Now snuggle me!” His boisterous meow, unending hunger, and uncanny ability to warm you to sleep better than any sleeping pill became “classic Doobert” characteristics. Thus, we were deeply saddened when we lost him to bone cancer in June 2012.

As Doobert lived life with an open heart and undying love, so too shall we; for we know that Doobert’s spirit lives on in the many animals in need and the countless people that work for their benefit. We honor him by using his name, with a big orange capital D. May we always remember the enormity his heart and old soul, as well as his boisterous, beautiful, bellowing meow.

We know animal rescue will never be easy

But with Doobert, we can make it simple