I am not currently volunteering with animal transport rescues, but would like to get involved. What should I do?

Thank you for your interest in helping save animals! We recommend that you sign up for a Doobert profile, then search for and contact approved organizations near you about getting more involved.

Does Doobert only help with rescue efforts of certain types of animals?

Doobert is designed for transporting all types of animals for rescues and is not specifically limited to any particular breed or type of animal.

I am a volunteer with a rescue organization. Do I need to have an account with Doobert?

Yes. Creating a profile is easy and only requires an e-mail address. Once you have a profile and associate with an organization(s), you, too, can help create animal profiles, and schedule transports. Having different profiles allows multiple users to use the software at the same time. But don’t forget! Associating with Doobert rescue organizations also allow you to be considered for additional volunteer efforts. Rescues need foster homes and volunteers to conduct reference checks, home visits, etc… Imagine the all the good you can do!

Does it cost anything to have a Doobert account?

Nope. Doobert profiles are and will always be free!

I run a rescue or shelter organization. How can I sign up my organization?

The way Doobert works is that each individual signs up to create an account using either your e-mail and a password, or if you prefer, your Facebook login.  Once you’re setup as a person, then when you are logged into Doobert, on the left menu under Organization you can “Request new organization” and fill out the application to create an organization.

What happens when I sign up for Doobert? Am I committing to a specific transport?

Signing up for Doobert gives you the ability to receive new transport requests but you are not committed to anything just by signing up.  For each request, you have to “opt-in” before you are committing to helping with any specific transport.  You will receive an e-mail for each unique transport including the days, times, route, animals, etc. and you can make the determination then whether you can help with that transport.

Why do you require approval in order to receive ‘organization’ status on Doobert?

Doobert’s primary objective is to support and further the efforts of legitimate professional animals rescuers and organizations. Our approval process helps weed out individuals and/or organizations that do not share the same goals and objectives. At Doobert, we want approved organizations to work tirelessly to place animals in forever homes that match the behavior, physical and medical needs of the animals they adopt. Placing animals in suitable permanent homes means less stress on the animals AND on their owners, and a lifetime of love and companionship.

We are a transport organization, not a rescue or a shelter. Can we use Doobert?

Absolutely! You will notice that when you “Request New Organization” that we have Rescue, Shelter, Friends of Shelter and Other. Please select the “Other” category and be sure to give us information about your Transport Group so we can verify you and get you approved quickly.

How long should I expect the application approval process to take?

We process applications as quickly as possible, but generally within 3-4 business days. For various reasons, some applications may take additional time as we gather further information; but in any case, we’ll communicate the delay with you directly. Our goal is to get you up and on your way as soon as possible!

Will Doobert work in Canada or other countries?

Yes! Doobert.com will work to schedule your transports to Canada and we have plans to roll out Doobert functionality other countries and are seeking knowledgeable rescues to work with us so that we can ensure the functionality meets the local requirements and regulations. If you’re interested in helping us, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or click the Help/Feedback tab on the bottom of this page to send us a message. THANKS!

What is a Doobert?

Doobert was a very special cat and an inspiration to his owners. His given name was “Q” which shortly morphed into “Qbert” and then ‘Doobert’. To read more of Doobert’s story, see “What is a Doobert?”.

Who does Doobert help?

Doobert supports animal rescue organizations and their volunteers by improving the coordination and communications required during animal rescue. Ultimately, Doobert helps the millions of animals looking for a forever home.

Is Doobert a 501(c)(3) organization?

Funds received by Doobert are reinvested into the company to allow for development of additional software functions and capabilities to further our support of animal rescues. Doobert is not structured as a charity organization, but IS operated in a not-for-profit manner.

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