Why Do You Rescue Animals?

Why Do You Rescue Animals?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Animal rescue is hard. There’s nothing easy about saving the lives of animals, raising money, dealing with drama and balancing your work and family life on top of it.

So why do it then?

Why would you subject yourself to this level of stress, let alone the horror of what people do to animals? Why not just write a check to your favorite animal welfare group and move on with life?

“I got into animal rescue to make a difference.” – This is the most common response I’ve heard as to why people rescue. Many people venture into animal rescue when they learn about the animal abuse that is far too prevalent. They often are not aware of the magnitude of the problem, nor are they familiar with the best way to make an impact. But they are passionate about knowing that animals matter, and they are looking for some way to channel their energy.

When I got into rescue, it was after overnight fostering a GSD that had parvo for a close friend. That dog, Ripley, unfortunately did not make it, but it sparked my curiosity regarding this phenomenon called animal rescue, and peaked my interest to learn more about where these animals came from.

Not too long after, I got involved with animal transport by combining my love of flying with my love of animals through a wonderful organization called Pilots ‘N’ Paws, and I quickly became addicted. Not only did I have a purpose for flying, but I had the opportunity to interact with animals of all shapes and sizes and get hundreds of puppy kisses.

Since then my passion has grown and I have learned so much more about animal rescue from every perspective imaginable. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with hundreds of wonderful rescuers and volunteers who have inspired me to develop Doobert.com to try and help simplify one of the most difficult aspects of rescue – relay transport. I am grateful for everything that has been shared with me and curious how others’ journeys have inspired them to ignite their passion and rescue animals.

Tell me your story – why did you get into animal rescue?

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