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Doobert Ambassador Pages We’ve talked about Ambassador Pages in our previous blog but in case this is your first time hearing about them: Ambassador Pages are basically animal profiles with a twist.   They’re capable of displaying more than just an animal’s profile photo and basic information — they give foster volunteers the ability to post updates on their foster pets, similar to Facebook and photos and videos with witty captions like on Instagram.   And with our recent update, Ambassador pages got even better! You can now use them to show important documentation on an animal, such as their:
  • Medical information (medical history, upcoming medical procedures, medications, allergies, etc.)
  • Behavior assessment (training history, known commands, etc.)
  • Transport tolerance (Does the animal crate well? Are they barrier aggressive? etc.)
  Having all that information in one place makes it easier for organizations and foster volunteers to promote adoptable pets online. It can also help reduce the time that organizations need to spend answering questions from potential adopters.      

How Does it Work?

After adding an animal profile, you (as an organization) simply fill out the information in the Clinical, Behavior, and Transport tabs. Doobert Ambassador Pages   Make sure to enable Display Publicly. Doobert Ambassador Pages   And hit the Save button at the bottom. Doobert Ambassador Pages   This will automatically link the animal’s name to a page showing the additional information. Doobert Ambassador Pages   This allows Doobert users, as well as those without a Doobert account, to view the information from the Ambassador page. Doobert Ambassador Pages    

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