Feline Essential Natural Products Treat and Prevent Health Issues | Two Crazy Cat Ladies

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 120 - Two Crazy Cat Ladies

Feline Essential Natural Products Treat and Prevent Health Issues | Two Crazy Cat Ladies

What’s that? Two crazy cat ladies you can rely on for your cats’ health issues?

Well, that’s how it is.

If you’re obsessed with ensuring your felines’ natural health, Two Crazy Cat Ladies offer Feline Essential™, a full line of natural supplements that help treat and prevent many common health issues in cats.

According to Jae Kennedy and Adrienne Lefebvre, founders of Two Crazy Cat Ladies,

We were motivated by the lack of available resources for natural feline health, so we dedicated our lives to learning and sharing all they can to help cats live the longest, healthiest, and happiest lives possible.”

Two Crazy Cat Ladies on a Mission

two crazy cat ladies mission

Two Crazy Cat Ladies’ mission is simple: to bring cats together and raise awareness about feline health and wealth-being.

To this end, Jae and Adrienne host regular live shows on social media to connect with cat parents. They answer questions cat parents have about their kitties. At the same time, they share tips about cat health and happiness via blogs and videos.

Jae shared,

“For 10 years, we worked and loved our family business in pet health and pet nutrition. We learned a lot, but it was all centered around dogs.”

Having always had cats, both women found it difficult to find any help whenever one of their cats had an issue. This is because there were “absolutely no products” that they could find that were specifically for kitties.

This encouraged them to become that resource that they have wanted to find for so long, and thus, Two Crazy Cat Ladies was born.

“We launched a line of products that we have since rebranded to Feline Essential™. And we spend every day just helping cat parents find solutions for their cats’ health and behavioral issues.”

two crazy cat ladies website

Although their background wasn’t in the animal space, that didn’t prevent Jae and Adrienne from doing what they can to help cats. They’ve always loved animals, and this love bloomed when one of their furbabies died without them knowing the exact cause until the last minute.

“One of our biggest motivations is to make a difference and make sure that everybody has the information. Although what you do with that information is your business, we want everybody to be able to have the information available to them so that they know that there is a chance for their cats.”



Learn more about Two Crazy Cat Ladies!

Visit their website at https://twocrazycatladies.com/.

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Jae: I’m Jae

Adrienne: I’m Adrienne 

Jae & Adrienne: we’re the Two Crazy Cat Ladies. 

Adrienne: And you are tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Welcome, Jae and Adrienne. So, tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Jae: So, we started our company called Two Crazy Cat Ladies. We launched a line of products that we have since—What is the word? 

Adrienne: Rebranded.

Jae: Rebranded, to be called Feline Essential. And we spend every day, all day just helping cat parents find solutions for their cat’s health issues and behavior issues, and every issue now.

Adrienne: As much as we can, absolutely.

Chris: So, now you guys have been in the pet health space for a while. What did you do prior to that? Was there always a background in this?

Adrienne: Well, I was gonna say that— we’ve always loved animals. We’ve grown up with pets. And when we met, I had three cats and she had one cat.

So, the love of animals was always there. And it was really exciting to be able to learn how to better care for and love them.

Jae: My grandfather actually back in 1999, started an online pet nutrition pet supplement business. So, that’s kind of how we just started. And then I was learning so much.

It was just like: Wow, that was really going on with the pet food industry? What’s really going into pet food? What do the bodies need?

And all this stuff that I was learning. And I was like: Wow, that’s really, really interesting.

And sure, a lot of it did— still, I mean—a lot of the information about dogs still does apply to cats as well as far as— in humans, for that matter.

You give the body what the body needs and the body heals itself. Like that’s, you know, basically— all around true.

So, when we started this business, we knew— we were able to reach out to our holistic animal scientist who to this day creates our products.

And he was working with my family business creating some of their products as well. So, when we reached out to him, he said, “I’m so glad you’re finally reaching out to me, or I’m so glad someone is finally reaching out to me about cats.”

Because after ten years of working with him, we had no idea that he had been rescuing cats. He had rescued over 100 cats and alternative medicines like natural remedies in order to help heal the cats that he himself was bringing in, but nobody else was doing anything for cats.

So he was like, I have stuff for you. And so, it was just kind of— kismet, that it was supposed to be— that was our first sign of affirmation that we are supposed to be doing this.

So, yeah. So, we just kind of grown from there with him.

Chris: And you guys have grown quite the community. You have almost 180,000 likes on Facebook. I mean, tell me more about this community.

This is amazing.

Jae: It is amazing. 

Adrienne: It is amazing.

Jae: I don’t know how it happened.

Adrienne: Social media is something that initially, at least for me specifically, I think for both of us, was kind of intimidating thinking about putting ourselves out there, doing live videos or anything like that.

And our community really— when you realize that there’s such a hunger out there for someone that’s specifically talking about my companion animal, my cat, not this is something about pets.

When you know, you were to ask something specifically about cats, be like: Well, check with your veterinarian and see if this would be a good supplement or check with your veterinarian and see if that would be— something that would be good for your cat.

I think that it just has organically— it’s just grown.

Chris: So, now when did your show become a thing? Was that as a part of this content strategy and just sharing?

Because you guys do a live show, what, once a week?

Jae: Oh, Five times a week.

Adrienne: We do a live Q and A—four times a week on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Those.

And then we do, the “Think About It” Thursday segment on Thursdays, which is just a short live video about something that we feel nice to think about. Good to think about.

And then we have our podcast, our Back In The Closet podcast that we do Thursday afternoons as well.

So, those are basically our weekly. And then we have a VIP group that—we get to meet with them on Friday evenings.

And that’s either another live in our private group or it’s a Zoom session with whoever wants to jump on. And actually, beyond Zoom.

Chris: So, what are the most common types of problems that I guess you’re addressing and helping the community out with?

Adrienne: The majority of the issues that we deal with are really more behavioral or litter box issues. For example, cats are not getting along and redirected aggression situations.

And I love that we now have this really deep and wide treasure trove of feeling behaviorists. That we can say, contact these people depending on what the issue may be and see what kind of wait time they have.

Because there are a lot of, there are underutilized resources. It’s wonderful to be able to share those with people. Health issues are another big thing.

Jae: Yeah, health issues. I would say, health issues, urinary tract issues, very, very common 

Adrienne: respiratory issues—

Jae: respiratory issues—those are like kitty flu, things like that. But then we get those people that come to us and say: My cat was just diagnosed with feline leukemia.

What do I do? Is this cancer? What’s going on, right. Those are some of the more common things that our products go to help.

And then fleas and worms and natural remedies for those things, too. It’ll come back.

Chris: I was going to ask you, what’s next? Where do you take this? Is it new products? Is it new channels? Is it new things that you’re going to support the community on?

What’s the future look like?

Adrienne: All of the above? I love that question.

Jae: Yeah. 

Adrienne: We do have some new products in the works. I’m not sure we don’t have any— new channels necessarily or new platforms.

Jae: But yeah, we’re in deep discussion about starting a new idea on YouTube. It’s still just all in the works. Learn, share, and grow. We’re just going to keep growing.

We have a team now that supports us and helps us with so much customer service and so many questions where people reach out on different platforms.

Chris: I’m curious, what have you learned about yourself in the process?

Jae: A lot.

Adrienne: We grow when we get outside of our comfort zone. I think is one of them. I think pushing ourselves to do things that we’re truly passionate about. I think that’s a fear a lot of people face.

They’re like: I really love this, but this is comfortable. And we’ve learned a lot by having to take some leaps of faith, a lot of jumping, as it were.

Chris: Yeah, very cool. Well, Jae, Adrienne, this is—it’s really cool what you guys are doing. And I’m super excited to see what’s next.

Why don’t you tell people how they can connect with you, see your show, follow you? What’s the website, all that stuff?

Adrienne: Our website is TWOCRAZYCATLADIES.COM 

We are on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

We try to be as accessible as possible and really enjoy what we’re able to do.

Chris: Well, as I wrap up the show today, I just love to remind our viewers and listeners, it starts with an idea, and that’s all it takes to innovate and help animals.

So, if you’ve got an idea you’ve been sitting on something you’ve been saying: Well, I should really do this. We want to talk about it.

If you’ve just launched a product, a service, whatever it is, just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW I would love to have you on the show and celebrate what you’re doing that’s helping animals.

And don’t forget to sign up to be a Dooberteer. Just go to DOOBERT.COM, where you can be a foster, a transporter, all sorts of amazing ways that you can help animals.

So, Jae, Adrienne, thank you so much for coming on. You are two crazy cat ladies. And I love both of you. So, thank you.

Jae & Adrienne: Thank you so much for having us.

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