Nextdoor App for Dogs Makes Pet Ownership More Enjoyable | theDogHood

thedoghood nextdoor app for dogs makes pet ownership more enjoyable

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 116 - theDogHood

Nextdoor App for Dogs Makes Pet Ownership More Enjoyable | theDogHood

If you’re a fan of tapping your neighborhood using Nextdoor, then you’d be just as excited for theDogHood!

An app that lets you hold hands with other dog lovers in your journey from puppy to dog owners, theDogHood makes owning a dog even more enjoyable.

According to Ruchi Joshi and Purvi Janardhan, co-founders of theDogHood,

“theDogHood is an online platform where you can connect dog owners locally and globally without sharing any personal information.”

It’s All About the Dogs at theDogHood

how to use thedoghood app

An app that Purvi and Ruchi conceptualized during the COVID pandemic, theDogHood now has users in over 130 cities in the U.S., 8 thriving dog communities, and more than 50 playdates, walks, and birthday parties.

It’s a community of dog owners connecting with other dog parents in their locality and finding support in their pet parent journey.

In fact, the moment you download theDogHood mobile app, you can directly have access to a warm, caring community of dog lovers—all without sharing any personal information!

With the app, you can ask questions, attend dog-centric events, and even share cute photos of your animal companions, all with a click.

Purvi said,

“It’s a very dog-centric platform. It is curated by dog owners, vouched by dog owners, and created by dog owners. So it’s an entire holistic, local-global community of dog owners. It’s more of a digital ecosystem around being a pet parent.”

Bringing People and Pets Together With theDogHood

bringing pets and people together with thedoghood app

But behind the current success of theDogHood mobile app, did you know that Purvi was scared of dogs?

Yep, you read that right.

As a matter of fact, Purvi openly admitted her fear of canines.

She shared,

“A few years ago, I would not even touch a puppy. I was so afraid of dogs. But, all my boys wanted a dog, and I felt like I’m depriving them from having a dog. And that’s when I took a plunge.”

It wasn’t as easy as you might have imagined, however. Although she and her boys ended up having their 85-pound Orio, she was initially overwhelmed and didn’t have any idea what to do with their new four-legged family member.

“We [Purvi and Orio] started staring at each other for days. Then one day, my husband came home, and I said, ‘We are returning this dog. There is no way I can keep take care of this guy, because I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do.’”

However, that’s where Ruchi came into the picture.

A well-known dog mom in their neighborhood, Ruchi, at the time, was seeking out people who are getting a new puppy.

Her passion for dogs later influenced Purvi, as both of them started going on a walk and educating her about having a puppy in one’s family.

“She connected me to different resources, different groups. And that kind of changed the whole journey for me, from being a puppy owner to a dog owner to a dog lover.”

With her newfound perspective, Purvi and Ruchi eventually saw the lack of an ecosystem for pet parents who were going through the same experience.

This eventually led to the innovation that is theDogHood app.

With a mission to build dog-friendly communities everywhere, Ruchi and Purvi want to spread friendships, kindness, and positivity through theDogHood community.

They even designed it with plenty of features that resulted from the meticulous research they did on several different forums.



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Purvi: Hi, I’m Purvi Janardhan, and here is Ruchi and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Excellent introduction. So Purvi, why don’t you start us off? Tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Purvi: So, theDogHood is an online platform where you can connect dog owners locally and globally without sharing any personal information.

And I’ll show you a few slides just to kind of—first of all, yes, connecting dog owners locally and globally.

And it’s a very dog-centric platform. It is curated by dog owners, vouched by dog owners, and created by dog owners.

Without sharing any personal information. So, the moment you download the app, it will plug you into your dog owners in your neighborhood, in your zip code, not just your city, but beyond that, right.

So, it’s an entire holistic, local, global community of the dog owners. It’s more of a digital ecosystem around being a pet parent.

Ruchi: And let me show you, what does theDogHood looks like? So, these are the features that we have on it.

And these features were designed based on a lot of research that Purvi and I did in several different forums. And we wanted to create something which every dog owner can use.

So, we have a unique dog profile for every dog, because every dog is unique, every child is unique. For us, dogs are like children.

So, this is the social profile for dogs in which you have a name, a little bit more information, a little bit fun, you know, like an introduction about the personality of the dog and then just going into the breed and just the weight and everything where you house all the photos,  videos, and everything.

Next is the Pawfeed, which we are very excited about. So, this is the place where anybody in the entire US, wherever they are, can post their dog’s pictures about what’s happening, what they’re doing with the dog.

And the next is Dog Events, which we are extremely— So, what we did with dog events is it’s a very localized, city-based option that the dog owners have to create their play dates to create meetups.

Like, for instance, Halloween event. One of the parents, dog parents. She wanted to do a dog Halloween event, so, she sent an invite to the whole city.

We had 300 people— who basically walked in at some point in time coming in and out. The Mayor was there— it was just too adorable.

And finally, the Recommendations because 92%— that’s a statistic, that 92% of dog owners, they depend on each other mouth-of-word— you know, recommendations about what should they buy, which vet should they go to?

What is the product, what is coming into the market? And everybody wants to get it out. It’s just like dogs that are kids, like—how we do with our kids, isn’t it.

Chris: Very cool, I love the concept of this. It seems like it’s super easy. And you guys are really focused on the local, right.

Trying to connect people with other dog lovers in their community.

Purvi: And I think, Chris, you must have realized the pets are the social facilitator, right. And especially during COVID, all the needs of connecting with the neighbors and the local community and helping each other, right.

That is top in everybody’s minds, right. And that’s where Ruchi and I kind of started thinking, about how do we put a product out there?

Not everybody will have the person sitting in every neighborhood and make an initiative to do it. How do we give a product out there for people to just find other dog owners, make connections, take those connections online to offline.

Chris: So, Purvi, take us back to the point where you ladies came up with the idea for this. I mean, what was going through your mind?

What was the problem you were trying to solve?

Purvi: I feel like when I got a dog, I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t know what to do. Four days, sitting in a room. What are we supposed to do, right.

But that’s where Ruchi came in place, right. She is known as a dog mom in our neighborhood, and she kind of seeks out people who are getting a new puppy. Because she is so passionate about this.

And that kind of changed the whole journey, of being from a puppy owner to a dog owner to a dog lover.

And that’s where we build the product, theDogHood, the platform.

Chris: Now, Ruchi, did either of you guys have experience building a software platform or what was your background?

Ruchi: I have a very different background. I studied design— but in all my life, I’ve always had dogs. They add the sweetness to your life.

For some reason, having a dog makes you think or makes the other person think that you’re a better person than you are.

So, to cut the story short, that’s how I met Purvi. Because I made so many friendships through that. The more we talk, the more excited we got.

Purvi: And I think that was our vision that we want to create those hubs, every single place in the world.

So, with my— background, with my data analytics background, we came up with this, you know this platform, that how can we get the pet owners,  the dog owners, everybody kind of connected on this holistic digital platform.

Chris: I love this.

I love the passion in this, and I love the fact that you want to just replicate, Ruchi in every single city across the country. I think that’d be fun.

So, how has it been going? Like how long have you had this out? Has it launched? How’s the reaction been?

Purvi: So, we have launched our beta app in September and we went live in October. I guess it’s been four and a half five months now.

We are seeing really good traction. We have been over 400 cities all over the US. 

Ruchi: Get the people together, get the community talking and just create a better world for them. By just being together.

Chris: So Purvi, if people are interested they want to sign up how can they become a part of the beta? Where can they learn more?

Purvi: So, we are live, we are available on the App store. It is a free app, please go and download it. So, definitely give us your feedback.

Because again it is curated by all the dog owners. We have put a platform out there and people are using it in different ways.

Not just the dog owners.

Chris: So, Purvi, Ruchi, is there anything else you want to mention before we wrap things up today?

Purvi: No, I think this is great Chris, thank you for having us.

Chris: Well, and as we wrap up the show, I’m really excited that you ladies came on. I always like to remind our viewers and listeners that maybe they’re sitting here, listening to going: You know, I have a great idea like they do for a product, that’s going to help people and the animals that they love, so we’d love to talk about it.

Products, services, ideas, anything. Just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and we’d love to have them on the show to talk about it and I always remind our listening audience, that make sure to check out DOOBERT.COM where you can be a Dooberteer and come help be a part of the rescue revolution of saving more animals.

So, thank you, Ruchi. Thank you, Purvi for coming on. I really enjoyed the conversation and really excited to see where you ladies are going to take this.

Purvi & Ruchi: Likewise, thank you, Chris.

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