The THREE BIG Buddies

I was told the dogs were going to be transported Sunday, but didnt know if they would be in crates. A transport driver upline (before me) said they were anxious to escape, or at least romp around. So we would need two leashes and lots of muscle. I picked up the dogs at the “Cracker Barrel de jour” (excellent xfer point), and saw all 3’s faces oushingcout the back window (pic). It took both of us to bring one dog at a time for pee, poop, and potty, and get water and treats. The xfer time was close to 15 minutes! I put two dogs, each about 50-60 pounds, in the back seat, with a tether that clicked in the seat belt. The third dog was riding shotgun in the front passenger seat, with a tether which slipped around the clicked seat belt. He was the biggest at about 60 lbs! The two in the back seat (with our “travel harness”) growled a bit, finding their spaces in a cramped seat. They all settled down for my double-leg trip. (Salisbury NC to Durham NC). The Durham downlink transfer (next driver) went smoothly but took time for walking and watering.


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