DawnDoobert was such a great tool, too, in that everyone's information was right there, like the "run sheet" but so much better because it's all online and all transport communication can go right through the feed there and everyone can stay up-to-the minute!! Indeed I can see that Doobert will make the phrase "run sheet" obsolete. It is awesome, but it's going to be way MORE awesome as word starts to spread and all rescues and rescuers get signed onto the system. Right now - well as you know, we weren't able to fill some legs in some very populated areas of Ohio. I'm sure there are plenty of people in Louisville KY/ Cincinnati OH/ Columbus OH who would have loved to help with this transport - they just don't know about Doobert yet! So we'll keep helping to spread the word and we are very excited about all the potential of what you are building!!!

- Dawn, Southpaws Express

Carolyn I have been a volunteer at All Breed Rescue for almost 2 years and joined the Board of Directors in early 2013. All Breed Rescue has saved over 5,000 pups in the last 18 years. We rehome dogs from high kill shelters in the south and NYC and adopt them to families in the Northeast. We also help local families that need to rehome their pups. We work with Operation Dog Tag and several shelters to arrange vetting, fostering and transport. We recently signed a lease on a new building for our shelter and are busily doing fit-up. We are so excited to have more space for our pups that will allow us to work with them year round on training. We are also very excited by the capabilities of Doobert to interact with fosters, transport and shelters to know real time where our pups are.

- Carolyn, All Breed Rescue

PaulI found out about Doobert.com through LinkedIn. I volunteer at Humane Societies in Alabama and Virginia and LinkedIn recommended Doobert to me. I signed up in the spring. It took a few months, but I was brought in to the loop within the last two months.

I wanted to volunteer because I love helping animals who need a second chance get to their forever homes or rescues that can rehabilitate and help them. I drive and travel a lot anyhow so signing up for a rally run with Doobert is fun, simple and fulfilling.

I like Doobert because its simple, easy to use and flexible.

The most valuable aspect of Doobert is that its heartwarming to know that you are connecting dogs (and cats) to their forever home, giving them a second chance on life. You can see it in their eyes that they are nervous, but exciting because somehow they know that its all going to be ok and that the people who are driving them love them enough to help.

- Paul, Volunteer

LoriDoobert is a wonderful tool to help set up animal transport. The software makes it easy to set up the route and for drivers to join into the run. The software will notify anyone who has signed up with Doobert of a run that passes through their area so they can sign up and help too ! It makes it easier for the Transport Coordinator to publicize the run and get volunteers! I will definitely use Doobert again!

- Lori, Purr-fect Match Animal Rescue

MimiAfter retiring a little more than a year ago, I began looking for opportunities to give back to the community. I spent some time with the local blood bank and a nearby children’s home, and then I signed up for a newsletter that sent me possible matches based on my geographical area and areas of interest. It was through that newsletter that I first heard of Doobert.

Doobert passed all my scrutiny tests. I read reviews online and dug in everywhere I could think of to vet this organization. The internet had nothing but nice things to say so I started my application to become a volunteer.

I was pleased to discover the level of scrutiny Doobert applied to me! The references I provided them were contacted and my veterinarian had to attest to my loving care and dutiful vaccination of my own pets. The process lasted just a few weeks and in the end Doobert and I made a love connection!

Once you are accepted (verified), you create an online profile on Doobert.com. You specify the distance from your home address that you are willing to travel. Based on that information, the system recognizes when a transport request will pass through your radius and sends you an email. That email tells you where each leg of the transport originates and ends, as well as the number and type of animal(s) being transported. At that point you can, with a click of your mouse, sign up for any of the transport legs.

Once the transport itself is confirmed (that it will, in fact, take place), you receive emails letting you know a little more about the animals and who is driving each leg. You can then communicate directly with the people before and after your leg to coordinate the picking-up and dropping-off locations. Doobert.com contains many tips for a safe and successful transport and the email may contain additional tips.

I recently completed my first transport. The other volunteers I communicated with during this process were very nice. (What else would one expect from folks volunteering to help animals?) I don’t know yet if I was particularly lucky, but the two dogs being transported were incredibly sweet and cooperative. All aspects of this transport were super easy and it was very satisfying to me and my husband that we were helping those little guys get to where they needed to go.

- Mimi, Volunteer

VirginiaI decided to do the transports because when I changed cars and bought a Ford Explorer, it was much bigger than the car I was driving before and I wanted to do something with the extra size. I have always loved animals and wanted to volunteer in some way, once I was retired. Dog-walking, either as a paid position or for a shelter, wasn't different enough, since I already do that at least three times a day with my own dog. So transporting animals was the obvious choice.

I had such a positive feeling doing my first transport that I became quite disappointed when transports I could have done got snapped up by other people! I have now done 4 or 5 transports and each time I meet people who are really friendly and have the same philosophy that I do - and of course I've met some great dogs. The dogs usually tend to be a bit bewildered, understandably, but it's so heartwarming to know that you are getting them out of a negative situation and into a positive one.

- Virginia, Volunteer

AnnetteI live in Alabama took in 11 puppies who had been abandoned at only 3 weeks old with nothing, not even their Mom could get to them. But then, through the power of social media, I met Lori. She runs a rescue in Wisconsin. The only issue was transport. I then got a message from Lori to sign up at doobert.com. She explained it all to me in a very short e-mail. I went there and was stunned. I have never seen a transport work like this. But I filled out the info that was requested and the next thing you know, it had mapped the route for us, had the "legs" all planned, drivers were signing up, and the best part, the creator offered to fly the puppies their final leg to reduce their travel time. I honestly was so impressed by the ease of using Doobert and how user friendly the site is, I hope this catches on like wildfire and more receiving rescues choose this option. It's simply amazing and will always be my 1st suggestion when I am called to transport again. I've never seen a transport get organized so quickly and efficiently. I think transport coordinators will fall in love with this amazing tool.

- Annette

JacquieI found out about Doobert through an add on LinkedIn and researched what is was about.
I became an animal rescue volunteer because my roommate will not allow me to have a second doggie in the home and being somewhat sidelined due to a couple of autoimmune diseases, working full-time is no longer an option for me, but driving is something I can still do from time to time. So why not give back to animals who deserve some joy and happiness in their lives. Volunteering has always been a part of my life - we all should be able to help out others with our knowledge, experience, time, and smiles. This is a new experience for me and it is somewhat easy to sign up and use. There are some glitches, but nothing that cannot be worked out like any new program. Chris is willing to work with all of the volunteers and organizers to ensure user friendliness of the program and wants to talk with each one of us should we encounter a problem. I love the doggies and the other relay transport volunteers that I have met each have one main interest - we love animals and care for them.
The most valuable aspect of volunteering with Doobert.com is knowing that the doggies (or kitties) we transport are going to a loving either foster home or a forever home. I love it when they go to a forever home more. Knowing that each one will be loved during the transport and that whatever their journey was before - taken out of a kill shelter, ending a run on the streets, being removed from an abusive home life - the end result is pure love and that each baby will get to feel what being loved and having joy in their life is like.

- Jacquie, Volunteer