Am I Ready to Be a Foster Parent?  7 Signs that Say You Are

Being a foster parent is incredibly rewarding. Not only do you help an otherwise unadoptable animal break out of their shell and transform into a wonderful family companion, but you also open up a space at the shelter for another animal to be saved. However, it’s important to remember that [...]

8 Skills to Offer Your Local Animal Shelter

When we think about volunteering for an animal shelter, the first thing that comes into our minds is cleaning kennels, feeding animals, or taking dogs out for walks. And while that’s true, what we can offer as volunteers doesn’t stop there. The truth is, you can volunteer at an animal [...]

5 Reasons Why Volunteering at an Animal Shelter Is Good for the Soul

Are you looking for something productive to do in your spare time? Or perhaps, you simply want to be around animals but can’t commit to adopting or fostering? If so, then volunteering at your local animal shelter is an excellent option! Offering your time to help out at an animal [...]

4 Reasons Volunteering At An Animal Shelter Will Change Your Life

4 Reasons Volunteering At An Animal Shelter Will Change Your Life Most people would never consider working at an animal shelter of any kind. After all, it does appear to be a very saddening experience. However, this is really only the case if you are on the outside looking in. [...]

3 things animal volunteers do that help cats in animal shelters

Shelter cats need you.  Here's how your volunteer activities can help. Often times it seems like volunteering at the local animal shelter is focused on dogs. Sure they need to be walked and enriched, but hey so do the cats! So here are 3 things you can do that will [...]

4 animal volunteer jobs you can do from home

Save animals from your living room.  Yes we're serious! We know how it is. It’s hard to find time to get to your local animal shelter to volunteer. Our lives and schedules are so busy that we just can’t seem to carve out time to help save animals. Well we’re [...]

5 things volunteers do that help your local animal shelter to get to no kill

You can get your local animal shelter to be no-kill.  Here's how. In animal shelters, the term “no-kill” is often given to organizations with a live outcome rate of 90%+. This means that 90% of the animals entering their facility are not euthanized unless the animal is in untreatable pain [...]