Training Dogs And Owners To Have A Heart | Bonafide Therapy Dogs

The love between humans and animals, specifically dogs, is incomparable. Many care facilities today invite therapy animals, such as training dogs, to comfort patients who require extra attention and love in times of need. Many studies suggest that therapy animals can help increase self-esteem and mental activity among patients. Visiting pets [...]

A Faithful Therapist In The Guise Of A Canine Companion │ 2gether Furever

First responders and veterans have long relied on service dogs for assistance. These loving and fluffy animals help their owners perform day-to-day activities and tasks. Others are also specifically trained to help their owners with PTSD, diabetes, and other severe conditions. Unfortunately, with the growing number of veterans and first [...]

Giving Back To Heroic Military Working Dogs │ Project K-9 Hero

Military Working Dogs may not have actual boots on the ground, but you will undoubtedly find them serving wherever the troops are. They may be animals, but these are real, four-legged fighters trained to be loyal and highly-skilled warriors that make no mistakes. Like any other soldier, these dogs are [...]

The Magic of Service Dogs │ MobilityDog

Service dogs are companion animals that can help people with physical or mental conditions. They are professionally trained dogs that can perform specific tasks depending on their owner’s individual needs.  They’re special companion animals capable of offering support and guidance to people with disabilities. Though, many people still seem to [...]