Litter Box Peel and Stick Nail File for Cats With Claws | Kitty Cure

Want to make your cats’ claws more user-friendly? Let Kitty Cure help! Kitty Cure is a safe and easy alternative that lets your cats trim their own claws. According to Alan Kacic, inventor of Kitty Cure, “The whole purpose of our company is to help animals groom themselves. We’re trying [...]

Shower Head Hose Easily Rinses Your Pet | Rinseroo

Bathe your dog whenever you please with the best shower head hose from Rinseroo! This pet and shower cleaner helps you say goodbye to the messy and backbreaking chore of rinsing your pet. According to Lisa and Jake Lane, respectively the inventor and eCommerce manager of Rinseroo, “It is reinventing [...]