The Company That Could Potentially End Dog Cancer | Calviri

Dogs are not just canine companions for most dog owners. They are more a beloved and cherished family member more than anything. For that reason, the mutual devotion and love shared between humans and dogs can make a canine cancer diagnosis seem like world-ending news. Currently, there is no known [...]

The Fight Against Canine Cancer │ Puppy Up Foundation

Much like humans, companion animals are also at risk of developing various types of canine cancer – including breast cancer and lymphoma.  Hundreds of pet parents across the country have unfortunately experienced losing a beloved companion pet to cancer. One of these people is Luke Robinson, the founder of the [...]

Personalized Medicine for Your Dog With Cancer | FidoCure

Good news! If you’re worried about your dog with a tumor, FidoCure uses precision medicine to treat dogs with cancer. Manufactured by the One Health Company, FidoCure aims to eradicate canine cancer. Along with that, their mission is to improve the quality of life for canine patients and give new [...]