Tably from An App that Uses AI for Feline Pain Assessment

A nagging problem for you as a pet owner is taking care of your ill cat. But cats are not like dogs; feline pain assessment is much more subtle. Veterinarians treat cats like small dogs and often miss what’s going on.  Artificial innovation is bringing innovation in pet care. With [...]

Applying The Principles Of Natural Holistic Health For Cats │ Purrrfectly Holistic

In modern health, one can consider using a holistic approach to ensure your pet's health. It is becoming truer as an alternative now that holistic medicine is more readily available. Though, it does make many pet owners wonder which approach or method of holistic health for cats is safest and [...]

An Affordable and Non-Invasive Way To Detect Kidney Issues │ Kidney-Chek

Most pet parents deem cancer as the ultimate silent killer of pets, but did you know that kidney disease isn’t that far behind? Kidney disease is a medical condition that can take your pet’s life unexpectedly. It is essential to detect kidney issues early on – to prevent them from [...]

Awarding Feline Research Grants to Advance Cat Health | EveryCat Health Foundation

Groundbreaking research focusing on cats can be hard to find. But that’s what EveryCat Health Foundation is for! A nonprofit organization, EveryCat Health Foundation advances cat health by supporting research and education in this field. According to Jackie Ott Jaakola, who serves as the Executive Director of the foundation, “We work [...]