Diane Rose-SolomonToday’s dog adoption tip is about insurance.  There are a couple of types of insurance for your pet. Let’s start with pet medical insurance.  There are multiple companies that offer pet insurance and it works much like human health insurance.  It can be difficult to sort through all the companies though so here’s a link to an article that offers some guidance.  My vet recommended insurance a while ago knowing that our dogs were getting older and new issues could crop up, but you need to decide what’s best for you. Both of our dogs, Gonzo and Ninja, have recently had issues that were covered by insurance and we didn’t have to worry about the cost of treatment.

Here’s the tip:

In addition to pet health insurance, you can opt to purchase dog bite insurance. Many people have homeowner or rental insurance but it doesn’t always cover a dog bite.  Of course most dogs don’t bite, but any dog is capable of biting which could present a problem, so it is prudent to consider. Even if a dog is provoked, or causes accidental harm to another person, you could be liable.

Many companies are excluding dogs entirely or by breed, which is a nationwide trend, leaving you uninsured in the event of an incident. Now you can purchase insurance in case your dog bites somebody.  Here’s a link to Dean Insurance’s Canine Liability page to get more information. Do you have any other questions about dog adoption or dog parenting? Pick up a copy of What to Expect When Adopting a Dog.

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