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Animal Innovations Show - Episode 129 - MySimplePetLab

Vet-Approved Pet Tests from Home | MySimplePetLab

If you’ve been looking to improve your pets’ access to professional veterinary tests but don’t have the time for it, why not try MySimplePetLab?

Co-founded by Dr. Dennis Chmiel, MySimplePetLab makes it easier for you to keep your animals healthy.

According to Dr. Dennis,

We co-founded MySimplePetLab to improve access to professional veterinary tests for cats, dogs, and eventually, others’ pets.”

Bringing Access to Vet Care to Your Home With MySimplePetLab

A veterinarian who has been in clinical practice for 13 years, Dr. Dennis spent part of his career developing pharmaceutical products specifically for pets.

His and his co-founder’s goal for MySimplePetLab was simple: to make vet care simple even for pet parents.

“We were seeing some test types that were coming out into the market for pets that we, as veterinarians, weren’t comfortable with… So we started getting increasingly passionate about making sure that these health tests that are out of the market are all very good tests.”

In line with their mission, Dr. Dennis and his colleagues focus more on everyday tests that vets perform routinely to assess pets’ health.

bringing access to vet care to your home with my simple pet lab

He continued,

“Demand is not a problem for the veterinary industry, right? There are tons of pet parents trying to get their pets to veterinarians. But we have to ask ourselves about those who aren’t there…”

As per Dr. Dennis, there’s a whole host of reasons why many pet parents cannot get their animals to their vets.

It might be that they had a disability, transportation problems, or their pets were feeling anxious.

“If we can make these tests just more easily available, we we can improve convenience, improve access, and hopefully, improve care for those pets.”

If you’re curious what types of tests you can have for your furbabies, they offer a comprehensive list.

In fact, a routine dog stool test, ear infection dog test, and skin and itch dog test are just some of their offerings.

They also have a routine cat stool test, ear infection cat test, and skin and itch cat test, among other things.

“These are the exact same tests that a veterinarian would run if you brought that stool sample to them in the clinic. And it’s processed in a way that is as gold standard as can be. So it’s premium-quality in terms of how it’s processed.”

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Dr. Chmiel: Hi, I’m Dr. Dennis Chmiel, and you are tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Excellent introduction.

So, Dr. Dennis, tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Dr. Chmiel: Yeah, Chris, thanks so much for having me today. So, I’m a veterinarian, thus the stethoscope, right.

I am the co-founder of MySimplePetLab. Myself and another veterinarian co-founded this company to improve access to professional veterinary tests for cats, dogs, and eventually other pets.

Chris: I love that it seems like such a simple idea, but clearly this isn’t something that’s been around for a long time.

Dr. Chmiel: It has not, actually.

And it’s good that— our goal is to make it simple, even though in the background, it’s actually really complex to do.

But we were inspired by a couple of different things. One, just watching what was happening in human healthcare, right?

So, it started, from the at-home testing movement started back in the ’90s with and then in the 2000s with 23andMe.

And now, there’s— you know, all sorts of tests.

Pretty much if you can sample it, if you can swab it, as a human, you can send it to a professional laboratory,  get results back directly and share those results with a local physician or a virtual physician.

So, we saw that happening and it was starting on the veterinary side, on the animal side. Some DNA tests were coming out in that similar trend, but we were also seeing some test types that were coming out under the market for pets that we knew as veterinarians that we weren’t comfortable with.

All very good tests, but what we do is health tests. So, those everyday tests that veterinarians perform routinely to assess the health of pets, like fecal and soon ear and skin tests and even urine tests and beyond.

So, that’s really where our focus is. And we are trying to do the same thing for these authentic veterinary tests.

Chris: I love the fact that you’re— as a veterinarian yourself, you’re looking at this and going, where are these resources’ results?

How can we now bring the product to the people so, that they can get these important tests? Because you’re doing, as you said, health tests which are going to help me to keep my animals around for much longer.

Dr. Chmiel: There’s a whole, like host of reasons that access is a problem and a growing problem for the veterinary industry and veterinarians are— demand is not a problem for them.

There’s like tons of pet parents that are trying to get their pets into veterinarians. Not everyone can just get into their car and drive to the veterinarian.

If we can, which we’re doing, make these tests, it’s more easily available, we can get them onto, if we can get them into retail stores, even if we can get them from the clinics themselves, which we’re doing, we can improve convenience, improve access and hopefully improve care for those pets.

Chris: Now, what types of tests are you able to do right now? I mean, that you’re able to ship to my home?

I’ve got five cats, right. So, what kinds of things are routine health tests that I can actually order?

Dr. Chmiel: So we launched, actually a couple of years ago under a different name, and we learned a lot. So, MySimplePetLab, it focuses on these specific test types for specific pet types.

What is available today is a fecal test for a cat and a fecal test for a dog. These are the exact same tests that a veterinarian would run if you brought that stool sample to them in the clinic.

And it’s processed in a way that is as gold standard as can be. So, it’s premium quality in terms of how it’s processed.

In this upcoming month of May, we are going to be launching ear infection tests for dogs, ear infection tests for cats. 

And then in June, we’ll launch a skin and itch test for dogs, for all those dogs that have underlying allergies and a whole variety, a host of problems like skin folds and other things that get infected.

At the end of summer, we’ll be launching a complete urine test for dogs and for cats. This is the full urinalysis that a veterinarian would normally do in practice will be— really, for the first time, available to do it from home.

Chris: Yeah, I’d like you to because I think that’s what is really unique about this. Like you said, you can send me the test analysis and I’m going to look at it and go, this is greek to me, right.

But if you guys are explaining to me now, I’m more well-educated. So, when I’m talking with my vet, I can say, well, hey, looks like whatever indicator is high, and it says, this is this, and this, and then it’s a dialogue.

Instead of them having to spend the time explaining to me what that indicator is and why I care and all those other things.

Dr. Chmiel: That’s exactly right, Chris.

Chris: If we can get testing completed in advance of a visit, at least then you’re like, okay, my pet has roundworms.

I’ve got a visit coming up next week. I can explore, read about roundworms, come up with my questions. So, when I get to the visit, I’ve got my questions and can get those answered in person, right.

I know you mentioned a number of different types of tests will be coming out in the next year, but what’s the vision? What’s the future look like for this?

Dr. Chmiel: I think we have a big vision in terms of the sorts of samples that can get collected and as well, the types of tests that can be done on these samples from home.

So, in other words, we can get beyond some of the basics into some of the more advanced stuff.

Chris: And I can completely see the future that you’re trying to do here. So, why don’t you remind people where they can go and order these tests.

Dr. Chmiel: It’s MYSIMPLEPETLAB.COM and so— you can purchase tests directly through there. And we have a special coupon code: DOOBERT, which is 38% off an order.

So, however many tests you want to stick in there, you can do that. 

Like I said, going to be bringing out these ear infection tests this month and then skin and itch tests for dogs the following month, It’ll be in June and that coupon code will work for any test.

Chris: Very cool, thank you for doing that.

I really appreciate that so that people can check this out because I think it is really innovative what you guys are trying to do, and I’ll be excited to see where you’re headed.

So, with that in mind, is there anything else you want to mention before we wrap things up today?

Dr. Chmiel: We’re doing something different this year. We’re going to actually send you the test kits. They’re going to arrive at your house.

Just follow the instructions, very simple. You’re going to take a little bit of poop, put it in the test tube and put it back in your mailbox.

Those results will be back before you come in for the visit, and then we’ll talk to you about those results when they get there.

Chris: Thank you for— you and your co-founder, for coming up with this idea.

And as we wrap up the show, I mean, that’s what it starts with is just an idea. It takes somebody going, I wonder if we could do this and challenge the status quo.

So, just like Dr. Dennis did, maybe you’re sitting on an idea or maybe you have a product already that’s helping pets or the people that love them.

Well, we want to know about it.

So, just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW in your web browser and we’d love to have you on the show and talk to you about what you’re doing that is helping to innovate and help the animals and the people that love them.

And of course, don’t forget to sign up for DOOBERT.COM where you can be a Dooberteer. We love having more volunteers that can be fosters and do transport.

So, many things that you can do to help animals that are in rescues and shelters. So, just check out DOOBERT.COM as well.

And Dr. Dennis, thank you so much for coming on and for what you’re doing, and really excited to see where you’re going to take this.

Dr. Chmiel: Thanks so much, Chris really appreciate it.

And thanks to all your listeners.

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