Anxiety Dog Music Helps Calm Down Dogs | My Zen Pet

My Zen Pet streams dog music that calms down anxiety in dogs

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 81 - My Zen Pet

Anxiety Dog Music Helps Calm Down Dogs | My Zen Pet

Did you know that dogs react positively to soothing sounds like those you can stream from My Zen Pet?

Founded and hosted by Lisa Spector, My Zen Pet is the first podcast that streams dog music that calms down your furbabies.

As per Lisa,

I never thought I went to (The) Juilliard (School) to play for dogs, but there’s nothing that’s really more rewarding than using your music talents to be able to help dogs, particularly dogs with anxiety issues. So, I create and record music for pet stress.”

A Mission for My Zen Pet

a mission for my zen pet to relieve canine anxiety and pet stress

Combining her musical talents with her passion for improving the lives of animals has become Lisa’s mission in life. To this end, for more than 10 years, she has been creating piano recordings that soothe canine anxiety in over 1,500 shelters worldwide.

Lisa started,

I have been doing this for a long time. I first came up with this idea in 2003, and then I launched my first album in 2008… And it was just a really, really fun ride creating 16 albums with (Through a Dog’s Ear) before I left out on my own.”

Having been featured on The CBS Early Show, CBS Australia, and Martha Stewart Living Radio, Lisa is the only classical pianist to reach Billboard’s Classical Top 20 Chart with pet music.

“I’m the performer. I do not compose… All classical music is not created equally, so I curate the right prescription of classical music that has been proven to calm the canine nervous system and relieve pet stress… It’s come a long way, and that’s been my dream.”

The short episodes publish every Monday and Friday. They include zen behavior tips and music selections from her new album, Dog Gone Calm. Additionally, there are guide-meditations for pet parents, with her calming soundtracks in the background.

She performs monthly virtual concerts for her Dog Gone Calm Club members and their dogs. This way, she’s able to de-stress both ends of the leash while building a connection that improves health, behavior, and longevity.



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Lisa: Hi, I’m Lisa Spector, and you are tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Excellent introduction, Lisa. So, tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Lisa: I’m Lisa Spector, and as I say on my podcast, my Juilliard degree has gone to the dogs, and I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored.

I never thought I went to Juilliard to play for dogs, but there’s nothing really that’s more rewarding than using your music talents to be able to help dogs, particularly dogs, with anxiety issues.

So, I create and record music for pet stress.

Chris: How did you take this to the level that, I mean, there’s veterinarians recommending this? This is like the go-to thing to relieve pet stress.

Lisa: It’s come a long way. And that’s been my dream. In 2003, it came about because I was a professional musician and I owned a music school in my community, and I was also—and still am obviously, a huge dog lover.

When I was a volunteer puppy raiser for guide dogs for the blind. So, I had a four-month-old puppy with me at the music school.

Well, I was looking for music that calm the children, like my group of four-year-olds. It’s like, what can I do to get them? They came in just wild and loud. 

So, I was studying different prescriptions of music that works to calm and focus them. And I found what worked on them. But in the meantime, this puppy was like snoozing in no time. I was like: I’m really onto something here.

So, that’s when I started really just investigating this whole area was just fascinating.

Chris: I thought what was really cool is, on your website you talk about also how to acclimate the animal to it. Right.

So, this isn’t something you just: All right, I’m leaving. Turn on the music. There’s a process to go through to get them to understand and associate it with being calm.

Lisa: Exactly. Now, every dog is different. So, to set your dog up for success, which just like you always want to do in training, you want to condition— build a classical conditioning response that the music means to calm.

So, I always suggest playing it at night time when you’re together because the music is actually soothing for both ends of the leash. So, bedtime is always a good time because—you know, you can have that really bonding experience with your dog as a ritual, listening to it for 20 minutes before bedtime.

And then the dog begins to build that association that, oh, this music means it’s comforting time. It’s calming time, my person’s here, and they begin to associate a very calming response. So, that when you’re leaving, your dog doesn’t get triggered like— I’m out the door.

You know, you’re building up that association. And I say that. And I also tell you that every dog is different. You have to just know your own dog. That’s how to set up a dog for success.

But other people have like, you know, they’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and they’re like—they’ve tried everything else and they see this online—It’s like I’m just going to try it. It’s, it’s the worst time to try, when the thunderstorm is coming in—that works.

So, every dog is different.

Chris: So, I have to ask you, does it work on cats on other animals or just on dogs?

Lisa: So, when I was with Through A Dog’s Ear, we also create a Through A Cat’s Ear. Music for cats. And there are some differences in music for cats, and cats are less predictable. Dogs are—are a little easier to research, and cats are a little different.

There’s such a huge variety of music out there for cats. There’s vocalization sounds of cats, and there’s—different things that have been proven to work.

I haven’t gotten into cats yet with my new company, My Zen Pet. But I called it: My Zen Pet instead of My Zen Dogs. So, that I could leave room to grow into other areas for other species as well.

Chris: If people are interested Lisa, what’s the website? Where can they hear this? How do they get involved and get this music for their dogs?

Lisa: Well, can we play a little clip? It’s on all on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music and so forth. And so, look for Dog Gone Calm Volume 1. It’s under the label My Zen Pet.

And the website is WWW.MYZENPET.COM and also my podcast is My Zen Pet. So, I’d love for you to tune into that and tell me what you think. What do you think about the Meditation Mondays? We’d love to hear feedback on that.

Chris: Well, we’ll definitely do that. I think this is super cool. I’m excited to see where you’re going next, and I can’t wait for you to come out with more music for cats because my cats really need to be calm, at times.

So, I’m really excited that you came on today to tell us more about this. And as we wrap up, I’ll remind our viewers and listeners that if you’ve got an innovative idea or something that you’ve done, or are planning to do, we’d love to have you on to talk about it.

Go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and let us know and we’ll get you on the show and talk about it. So, thanks again Lisa for coming on. I really enjoyed it.

Lisa: Thank you so much.

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