Mobile Veterinary Service: Starting And Being Your Own Practice │ Vetama

Mobile Veterinary Service: Starting And Being Your Own Practice │ Vetama


Mobile Veterinary Service: Starting And Being Your Own Practice │ Vetama

Mobile veterinary clinics are recently rising in popularity and number! Aside from the reduced fear and stress in pets and owners, the mobile option and practice also do wonders for the lives of the veterinarians themselves!

If you’re a veterinarian who wants to try this setup, Vetama is undoubtedly a business that can help you! They can assist veterinarians in building their own mobile practice in the territory of their choice!

As the founders of Vetama have said,

“They describe their dream mobile practice, and we help build it.”


What Does Mobile Veterinary Care And Practice Mean?

Mobile Veterinary Service: Starting And Being Your Own Practice │ Vetama

Mobile veterinary clinics are vet hospitals on wheels that can offer pet owners and animals convenient at-home pet care and services. There won’t be a need to load pets on cars to drive them to the clinic!

This mobile practice offers veterinarians more freedom and opportunities to practice their craft and passion compared to being confined and limited in a brick-and-mortar stationary clinic! That means more animal lives to save and touch!

Vetama, in particular, is a mobile veterinary franchise with a network of passionate mobile vets. Essentially, veterinarians joining Vetama get a custom-built van containing everything they would need and want to provide veterinary care and service!

“They get to choose how they practice when they practice, and what services they provide.”

Vetama uses its founders’ mobile veterinary practice as a guide and template to help its veterinarian clients create and build their mobile practice in their chosen area! With their help, the mobile vet can focus more on their vet practice and leave the admin side of the business to Vetama!


Start Your Journey As A Mobile Veterinarian With Vetama

Mobile Veterinary Service: Starting And Being Your Own Practice │ Vetama

As the founders explained,

“We are not employing veterinarians. So, we don’t just hire veterinarians and put them in a van.”

Vetama is their way of helping empower veterinarians. They do so by giving them a chance to serve their community in a way they prefer. Without worrying about making overwhelming business acumen, which is typically not included in the vet school curriculum!

The company will assist the mobile veterinarians in setting everything up. They can handle the process of getting their entities to doing and creating their initial marketing! They can help with the demographic research and even initiate competitive analysis to ensure the mobile vet would do well in their chosen territory!

Vetama can also help in routing and booking! With Vetama, rest assured that you are the practice and the business owner. You can practice your passion while Vetama does the back-end business support to lessen the burden as you strive to achieve your dreams.


If your’re interested, join Vetama now! You will receive a mobile veterinary van, a practice territory, unlimited business consultations, and access to Vetama perks and technologies! Visit their official website to book an appointment now!

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Jacob: Hi, everyone, I’m Jacob Wright

Dr. Gutman: and I’m Dr. Daniel Gutman

Jacob: and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Awesome introduction, gentlemen. Thank you so much for coming on. I’m really excited to talk to you.

So, Jacob, why don’t you start us off? Tell us who you guys are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Jacob: We are Vetama and we are a new mobile veterinary franchise. And so, essentially what that means is when veterinarians join, they get a van that’s built out with everything that they want inside of it.

Typically it’s everything you could find in a brick-and-mortar general practice hospital.

They get a territory of their choice and then more importantly, they get to choose how they practice, when they practice, what services they provide.

And we, as the admin team, help them run and manage their business because with Vetama, they are business owners.

Chris: Yeah, very cool.

So, Daniel, tell us—I mean, take us back to the story. I mean, how did you guys come up with this?

Dr. Gutman: Well, the brainchild of—Dr. Raffy Dorian, who’s our other part of the puzzle here, and he started doing mobile practice in, I believe, 2000 out of San Diego.

I actually used to volunteer for him when I was applying to vet school. And then after I graduated, I got in touch with him again and he had started his own mobile practice in the central coast of California.

I joined in. Jacob was working as a technician at the time. It really improved my quality of life.

We found that it’s just a model that everybody can benefit from. We saw how the animals were benefiting the clients and figured out how could we spread this along without owning it ourselves.

And it’s a way of us being able to empower veterinarians and have them service their own territories and do the things they want to without the overwhelming business acumen that they have to develop, which we don’t really get a lot of in school.

So, that’s how we came up with the model.

Chris: So, Jacob, if I’m a veterinarian and I say, “Okay, I want to start a mobile practice,”  I mean, walk me through how I—how do I work with you guys, what do I get?

Jacob: Yeah, that’s a great question.

So, how this all starts is really—it starts with the veterinarian having the idea of wanting to own their own mobile practice, but maybe not being enthusiastic or well-rounded in their business acumen, like Dan said, to jump out and do this on their own.

So, maybe they want some help. We are not employing veterinarians, so we don’t just hire veterinarians and put them in a van. So, like I said, when they approach us and say, “I want some help to own a practice,”

 “and I want to do it in this territory,” we say, “Okay.”

And the next step starts with: What kind of practice do you want to offer?

Do you only want to do GP? Or do you want to offer some sort of specialty on wheels, dentistry van?

They describe their dream practice, a mobile practice, and we help them build it. Everything from getting their entity set up to doing their initial marketing, doing some demographic research, some competitive analysis, all of these sorts of things.

We guide them and walk them through it.

Chris: What about the financial side of this?

I mean, for somebody that’s listening to this, is it more or less economical for a veterinarian to be in a mobile-type practice than a classic brick-and-mortar?

Jacob: From what we’ve learned and what I’ve learned, shadowing under and working with Dr. Dorian and Dr. Gutman that their mobile practice is the financial benefit to the veterinarian, especially when they own their mobile practice is night and day comparatively to working as a part owner or associate at a brick-and-mortar practice.

The startup cost is probably the most drastic difference between starting a Vetama mobile practice and starting your own brick-and-mortar practice.

Chris: So, Daniel, I got to figure one of the other problems is trying to figure out my route, right? What days I’m available, where do I go?

I mean, how does Vetama help with that?

Dr. Gutman: Well, when we set up a territory, we’ll be marketing primarily towards that territory.

There’s definitely an efficiency issue that happens with that. It all starts with building that and then incorporating Kumba into that program. They actually do route optimization.

We’re trying to trend towards people booking services online. It just seems to be the way that clients want to do things and it makes things very easy for us as well.

And Kumba will optimize that route, which is absolutely amazing.

But there are days that you have to do fit-ins and this and that. That’s something that is very experience based on how to negotiate those circumstances and try to work around it.

So, that’s where we try to help out as well.

Chris: Jacob I mean, if people are interested in learning more, how do they find out about you guys? How do they get a hold of you?

Jacob: They can go to our website, that’s probably the easiest way, and peruse and read all about, the About and how it works and then submit a form.

Or they can just email us directly at [email protected].

Chris: Nice and easy.

Well, gentlemen, thank you so much for coming on. Thank you for sharing and what you guys are doing.

And hopefully, we’ll inspire a whole bunch of veterinarians that really decide, you know, it’s time to strike out on my own, start my own business, and you guys have got the turnkey solution to get them going.

So, that’s really cool.

And as I wrap up our show here, I love focusing on innovation. And so, maybe some listener or viewer is watching, listening, and thinking, I’ve got a great idea for something that can help animals or the people that love them.

We’d love to know about it, just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW, and we’d love to have you on the show.

And we always need more animal rescue volunteers at DOOBERT.COM. So, if you want to be a transporter, a foster, even if you’re just buying pet food, you can designate the animal rescue or shelter of your choice, and we’ll give them 5% of your order.

So, check it out everything is free. Go to DOOBERT.COM.

So, Daniel, Jacob, thank you so much for coming on. Thank you for what you guys are doing, and hopefully, this thing will take off.

Jacob: Thank you, Chris, we appreciate it.

Dr. Gutman: Yeah, I appreciate you, Chris. Thank you.

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