Floating Food and Water Bowl Sets Elevate Your Pet’s Life | Katio & Dogio

katio & dogio floating food and water bowl sets elevate your pets' lives


Floating Food and Water Bowl Sets Elevate Your Pet’s Life | Katio & Dogio

Looking for items from Katio & Dogio that can help you elevate your pet’s quality of life?

The Kitty Kafe and Doggy Diner floating food and water bowl sets are just some of the company’s pet products that help solve pet parent issues everywhere!

Co-founded by Kelly Pepper and Alden Kat, Katio & Dogio was an idea that both came up with approximately four years ago.

According to Alden,

“What we’re trying to do is elevate pet parents and their pets’ lives. Our other sort of tagline is quality of life products for pets and pet parents alike.”

Katio & Dogio’s Flagship Products for Pets And Their People

katio & dogio litter box

The co-founders described Kat Kafe and Dog Diner as floating pet bowls. This means that you can mount them on your wall at whatever height your pet is.

They also come with a placemat to help keep things from being messy when your animals eat and drink.

Kelly continued,

“You can just fold them up, dump it right back into the bowls… And the fact that it aids in digestion is a really great selling point. It’s definitely not ideal for anyone to eat with their neck bent like that. And the fact that they’re wall-mounted allows you to really customize it to whatever height your pet is, whether it’s a cat or a dog… So, this gives you that freedom to put it at whatever height is necessary.”

katio & dogio kitty kafe and doggy diner

This also makes it easier for pet parents during the cleanup since you don’t have to pick the bowls up when you try to sweep, mop, or vacuum.

For Katio, Alden and Kelly said it’s a cat litter box that you can install in your window, just like an air-conditioning unit.

As for Dogio, it’s the same concept but a version for dogs. Instead of a litter box, it comes with doggy pads and a ramp.

“For Katio, we’ll sell the ramp separately because if you have an old or injured cat or a kitten just starting to learn to get to the litter box, they can just go up the ramp and get inside the box. And it solves so many problems…”

How Katio & Dogio Came to Be

katio & dogio doggy diner

Even though neither of them has an inventor background, Kelly and Alden attributed their innovative ideas to the numerous firsthand experiences they’ve had as pet parents.

Alden shared,

“With Katio, we kind of got tired of cleaning up… I was living in a small apartment, had six cats at the time, no place to put the litter box, except in the corner of my dining room, which is the worst place to put it. One day, I was taking a pretty large AC unit, moving it from one window on one side of the house to the other. And when I took the compressor unit out, one of my cats jumped in the cage that was still in the window. And I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is the answer! This is the solution!’”

One of the advantages of Katio being at window height is that you don’t have to bend over and kneel down; just scoop. This also makes it compliant with the ADA standards.

When asked about their plans for the future, both co-founders had this to say,

“Eventually, we want to have our own line of everything. Our tagline is elevate your pets’ life. And that’s really what we’re trying to do: to elevate pet parents’ and their pets’ lives.

Aside from trying to build the doggy brands internationally, it’s important to note, too, that Katio & Dogio wants to be very involved with their charity partners.

In fact, they plan to give their pet rescue partners the ability to make money off their products.



Learn more about Katio & Dogio!

Check out their website at http://katiodogio.com/.

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Kelly: Hi, I’m Kelly and this is Alden and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Excellent introduction. So, Kelly, tell us who you are and how you guys are innovating and helping animals.

Kelly: Yeah, hi, I’m the marketing director for Katio • Dogio and we’re here to tell you guys about our brand new product that was launched this month. They’re called Kitty Cafe and Doggy Diner.

They are floating pet bowls. They’re wall mounted so you’re able to basically mount them on your wall at whatever height your pet is. You can see the different shapes there.

So, Kitty Cafe is the cat-shaped head. So, that’s our mascot, cute kitty. And Doggy Diner is the dog-shaped head for Dappy Doggy, which is our dog mascot. And also, come with a placemat, a branded placemat.

Chris: That’s cool.

Kelly: Your animals are always going to be making a mess when they’re eating and drinking. So, that will help keep everything a little tidy.

Alden: And it’s really cool when they’re on the floor and they get their kibble everywhere. You can just fold them up, dump it right back into the bowls.

Chris: Now, are you guys both inventors? What’s your background in this? It seems like you guys are coming out with some really cool products for animals.

Kelly: We’re pet parents, so we have a lot of first-hand experience. But yeah, Alden is really the one that comes up with all of our good ideas.

Alden: As far as the Katio goes, I was living in a small apartment, had six cats at the time. No place to put the litter box except in the corner of my dining room, which is the worst place to put it. A place that you should be neat.

And one day, I was taking a pretty large AC unit, moving it from one window on one side of the house to the other. And when I took the compressor unit out, one of my cats jumped in the cage and that was still in the window.

And I was like: Oh, my God, this is the answer. This is the solution. Put it in the window, smells outside, keeps odors out, fresh air. It’s got a window in the back.

I mean, a litany of things. It’s a huge space saver because most people in the world live in about 50 m², 550 sqft, something like that.

And it’s out the window and it contains a litter spread like crazy, too. Yeah, it’s been a game-changer.

And we had some friends of ours that are part of our test group. They had a 20-year-old cat and a 2-year-old cat. And they didn’t get along for obvious reasons. Getting some older cats, if you don’t.

And when you put it in, Courtney’s like this has changed everything. They stopped fighting and we didn’t even expect that. That was just something we figured out by putting it in.

And they both used it, but it stopped them from I guess it was a territorial thing with their other litter box. And she’s like, “Ever since we put this in, they have stopped— it has stopped them fighting.”

That wasn’t something we expected at all. 

Kelly: Another great thing about Katio being at window height, is that you don’t have to bend over or kneel down to scoop.

It also makes it ADA compliant, which is really cool. So, that’s a great, a great thing to have.

Chris: So, what’s your background, Kelly? Are you a product inventor?

Kelly: I am not a product inventor. I actually have two history degrees, and somehow I now work in digital marketing technology.

But I’m also passionate about my pets and making sure that they’re well taken care of.

Chris: So, Katio and Dogio, you said they’re coming out this spring. Any other products that are ripe and ready to go, or maybe there are things you’re already starting to sketch out.

Alden: I’ve designed another thing called Super Skoop, which is going to be our litter scoop. We’re going to be coming out with our own litter, working on food, treats, and maybe even some CBD stuff as well.

Right now we’re just making products. We’re not making—you know—anyone, we could partner with anyone for food and treats right now to go with the bowls, right.

Eventually, we want to have our own line of everything.

Chris: I like that. I like the fact that you know what you want to do. I mean, you’ve got big plans and obviously, you’ve got the energy to go get this.

So, I mean, besides—

Alden: Sometimes—

Chris: sometimes, right. any other big plans for the future?

Kelly: I think it’s also important to note, too, that we want to be very involved with our charity partners. So, it’s part of our plan as we begin to sell more products and launch more products, that— it is our goal to always give back 5% of our profits every year to our charity partner.

So, giving back is really important to us.

Chris: That’s totally nice. And from somebody that does a lot of animal rescue work, definitely appreciate it because they always need the help,  and that’s how they’re going to help take care of more animals.

So, yeah, I’m curious, I mean, Kelly, maybe we’ll start with you. What have you learned about yourself during this journey?

Alden: Tenacity?

Kelly: Yeah, I think just the willingness to kind of go for it and do something that’s actually really terrifying.

Alden: Again, tenacity, for sure. There are days when I could easily say, “Okay, we’re done. You know, just wrap it up.” “It’s not worth it.”

Sometimes it is an uphill battle, but it’s also a rollercoaster. Sometimes it’s hell going up and smooth going down. And it is kind of a rollercoaster in a sense, where you build up that momentum and then once you’re over the top of that hill, it becomes a lot easier.

But we’re still climbing the hill at this point. We can kind of see over it, but we just launched it and it’s been a long time and like I said, lots of money going out with patents and everything and manufacturing and all the design work that we put into it.

Chris: Very cool.

So Kelly, if people want to learn more, if they’re ready to buy products, where can they go?

Kelly: They can go to KATIODOGIO.COM that is our website you will find information about Katio, Dogio but also about Kitty cafe and Doggy diner.

So, we do have a shop on there.

Chris: This is super cool. I love the fact that you guys are building a brand. I love your desire to give back. I love the branding of the products and the naming.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we wrap things up tonight?

Alden: You can’t just go and adopt or buy a dog or a cat. Unfortunately, a lot of people do that, they don’t— but still: Adopt, Don’t Shop trying to educate people on pet care and better ways to take care of their pets.

And like I said, eventually we will have our own food line, our own litter line, our own treat line. We want intentional products that solve problems, basically.

Chris: Purposeful products, I love that.

So, as we wrap up here I’m just going to remind our viewers and listeners that if you got a million ideas like Alden does and wants to solve world problems and world domination, we’d love to talk about it as long as it’s helping animals and helping people come on the show, just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and we’d be glad to have you on and hear about these things.

So, Alden, Kelly, thank you so much for coming on. I really enjoyed the conversation.

Alden: Thank you, you too, Chris.

Kelly: Thank you so much.

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