High-quality Dog Food Made From Upcycled Nutritious Ingredients │ The Conscious Pet

High-quality Dog Food Made From Upcycled Nutritious Ingredients │ The Conscious Pet


High-quality Dog Food Made From Upcycled Nutritious Ingredients │ The Conscious Pet

Various governments and communities often overlook food waste when in fact, it causes significant issues. As Mason Arnold said, “Food waste is this huge problem.”

When food waste go to landfills, it contributes to climate change and global warming, harming the environment as a whole. Mason Arnold recognized this problem and offered a solution — reducing food waste by upcycling the nutritious ingredients into edible and delicious dog food!

Read on to learn about his latest venture into the pet food and nutrition market!


Creating Sustainable Dog Food While Reducing The Country’s Food Waste

High-quality Dog Food Made From Upcycled Nutritious Ingredients │ The Conscious Pet

Mason Arnold, aside from being a chemical engineer, is what one can describe as a consummate entrepreneur. He has been part of founding and launching more than eight companies — all about sustainability and focused mainly on his different passions and interests.

The Conscious Pet, his newly launched business, creates shelf-stable, delicious dog food out of upcycled nutritious ingredients. It is based on new Austinwith sustainability as its core.

They collect and rescue high-quality restaurant kitchen scraps that otherwise would have been wasted and dumped in landfills. The company upcycles these ingredients and scraps before they are seasoned and plated, all to create a perfect mixture of a complete and balanced meal for dogs!

“It ends up being a really high-quality product for dogs that is as safe and easy to serve as kibble.”

They use a novel dehydration process to slowly and gently dehydrate the sustainably sourced ingredients. In doing so, the company created a shelf-stable and highly nutritious dog food using a temperature high enough to kill the pathogens but low enough not to break down the fat and amino acids!


Helping Dogs Via Nutritious Ingredients And Helping Out The Environment

High-quality Dog Food Made From Upcycled Nutritious Ingredients │ The Conscious Pet

The Conscious Pet didn’t stop at being among the best-tasting dog food in the market, though.

“We just didn’t want to make the best dog food around. We also wanted to be a champion of sustainability.”

They run production using solar power, utilize compostable packaging, source their ingredients locally, and promote as a zero-waste business! The company does not just want to offer nutritious pet products for profit, but they also aim to help the environment as much as possible!

Their initial product, the DoggieBag, is animal-based. They are also in the testing phase of a fish-based product and are working on a grain-based one that will hopefully be launched this year.

The Conscious Pet also launched a WeFunder Campaign to help build a community around sustainable dog food. Every investor can contribute to making their business grow, as well as have the chance to gain free dog food!


If you want to purchase and try out their products, you may purchase directly from their official website. Aside from dog food, the Conscious Pet also offers meal toppers and treats!

Moreover, Mason also has a podcast, A Mostly Green Life, which covers and features sustainability, health, wellness, environment, and other related topics with guests from all around the globe! It is available on all podcast platforms!

Finally, listeners from the Animal Innovation Shows may use the discount code: ANIMALINNOVATIONS to gain a 50% discount on their first purchase!

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Mason: I’m Mason Arnold, and you are listening to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Awesome. So, Mason, tell us who you are and how you’re innovating now and helping animals.

Mason: Yeah, so it was born out of a podcast that I have called A Mostly Green Life, and we were talking with a local entrepreneur about composting and at-home composting, what options people have for it.

And then afterwards he said, “Hey, come out to my car. I want to show you what I’m working on.” And he has been thinking about food waste for a long time. And he works with hundreds of restaurants here in Austin, Texas. And he was like, we collect so much still wonderful quality, edible human food that just didn’t make it to the plate. The restaurants ordered too much, the manufacturer ordered the wrong product ingredient, and all of it ends up in—if you’re lucky, it ends up in a compost pile. Most of it ends up in landfills. So, food waste is a huge problem. So, the science around nutrition was fascinating. I did a deep dive into it.”

We dehydrate it through a slow, gently cooked process so it’s shelf stable, so it stays in the pantry and you feed it just like kibble to pets. But the fat profiles are still completely intact with the high-quality fats coming out of the animals.

And the amino acid profile is also highly bioavailable because we haven’t destroyed any of it with heat. So, it ends up being a really high-quality product for dogs that is as safe and easy to serve as kibble.

Chris: So now, tell me how this works.

So, currently you’re working with all sorts of restaurants in Austin, and so—I mean, kind of walk me through the process. Like, what types of stuff are they giving you guys? How does this all work? Yeah, so, it really is a—I think a fascinating process. So, what types of things? I mean, I know you mentioned meat. Is there also fish? Is there fruits? Is there grains? I mean, what else is there?

Mason: Yeah, so our initial products are animal-based, and we get a ton of whole chicken and pork meats, and then, you know, not as much, but we do get some beef as well. So, we have all three of those animals that are currently in product.

We do have a fish source, and so they’re paying people to go fish for these Asian carp to try to restore the ecosystems. And so, then they’re trying to sell this product.

And so, we’re in the testing phase of that, of getting the whole fish. And we’ll be launching a fish product soon.

We will be coming out with a grain-based product this year, probably. It just completely changes the properties of trying to get it into a package.

Chris: Wow, really cool. So now, is the plan to scale this? Are you going to scale manufacturing to different cities and try and—because I’m just thinking eventually you’re going to run out of product in Austin, right. If this thing scales.

So, how do you continue to grow your supply chain?

Mason: So, we think we can pretty efficiently get going in different cities.

Right now, we need to ship nationally and we need to grow the business where we are. And then, wherever there’s a lot of customers, we will then go to that region and set up a facility there to make it that much fresher and fewer—you know, food miles on it.

Chris: So, what’s the vision, Mason? Where do you want to take this?

Mason: We want to grow the company as fast as we can grow it with what we have and continue to do it ourselves.

Chris: So, I mean, I know you’ve been involved in all sorts of startups, but I’m curious, what have you learned about yourself in the process of starting this one?

Mason: It’s really helped me kind of get back to basics and get back to the passion and why I’m doing things instead of getting caught up with how to do it and how to grow it. It’s like, let’s just—let’s really stick to the basics and make sure we’re doing it right and creating something that people love.

And we know that eventually, that will, you know, turn into a lot of great growth for us.

Chris: So, Mason, why don’t you tell people the website, how they can order it? Obviously, if they live in Austin, you’ll actually deliver. But for the rest of us that don’t, how can we get a hold of this?

Mason: Yeah, so we are at THECONSCIOUSPET.LIFE, and so, last year, we launched a podcast called A Mostly Green Life. It can be found on all the podcast platforms, and we have a website: MOSTLYGREEN.LIFE with links to podcast episodes.

We have a YouTube channel under the same @mostlygreen_life and I have a discount code for listeners of this show, USE: ANIMALINNOVATIONS to get 50% OFF!

Chris: Wow, that’s great.

Thank you so much for doing that, that’s awesome. I’m really glad you came on today to tell us what you’re doing and really get people to think about this. Food waste is such a big problem, and there’s so many amazing things that you can do with it.

As I wrap up the show here, I think you’rejust a perfect example, Mason, of what I always like to tell people is that if you have an idea, anything that’s helping animals or the people that love them, we’d love to know about it.

We’d love to feature them, whether they already have it launched or if it’s just an idea, open your browser and go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and we’d love to have you on the show to talk about it.

And of course, we always need more volunteers, more Dooberteers, as we like to call them.

You can sign up for free at DOOBERT.COM where you can be a transporter, a foster, or you can buy your pet food through Doobert, and we’ll pay 5% of it forward to the animal rescue or shelter that you choose. So, sign up for free at DOOBERT.COM.

Mason, thank you so much for coming on. Thank you for everything you’re doing. This is really super exciting, and I really hope it takes off.

Mason: Yeah, thank you.

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