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fidocure precision medicine for dogs with cancer

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 94 - FidoCure

Personalized Medicine for Your Dog With Cancer | FidoCure

Good news! If you’re worried about your dog with a tumor, FidoCure uses precision medicine to treat dogs with cancer.

Manufactured by the One Health Company, FidoCure aims to eradicate canine cancer. Along with that, their mission is to improve the quality of life for canine patients and give new hope to pet parents.

According to Christina Lopes, the CEO and co-founder,

“We’re the first and the leader in precision medicine for cancer in dogs. Cancer is a really big unmet need and is the number one killer of dogs… So, we work with a class of our own approach, which is really precision, really personalized medicine.”

Providing Precision Medicine for Dogs Cancer Through FidoCure

fidocure precision medicine

FidoCure is a product that uses genomic testing to identify potential cancer-causing mutations. Basically, it suggests which targeted therapies are likely most effective for your canine’s specific tumor.

In fact, thousands of canine companions have benefited from it that even leading veterinary oncologists vouch for it.

Christina explained,

“We’re looking at what’s driving that dog’s tumor. And then from there, we figure out what therapy…might be relevant and really enable this whole class of drugs called targeted therapies. They target the mutations, and the intent is to have more efficacious, gentler pills at home.”

This is in line with their ambition to collect data end-to-end so that every patient can really understand what works, what doesn’t, and start to improve on that.

“There are many, many factors that go into cancer, which makes cancers such a difficult disease. [So, you need] precision medicine that really goes at the genomic driver of cancer, and that’s our space.”

How FidoCure Works

If you ever find yourself needing FidoCure for your animal companions, here are the steps:

how fidocure works

Christina and her team at One Health Company made it so to ensure that it isn’t invasive and wouldn’t tax your pets.

“Our test has been validated, so that’s really exciting. We see what mutations are driving the cancer, and we give back to your veterinarian a beautiful, personalized medicine report that sketches out everything we’re seeing. More importantly, [it sketches out] what are the interventions…so we get information that leads to solutions that are actionable.”



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Christina: Hi, I’m Christina Lopes, and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals. 

Christina: So, I’m CEO and co-founder of The One Health Company, and our main product is FidoCure. We’re the first and the leader in precision medicine for cancer actually in dogs and worrying not we’ll have kitties soon.

Basically, I don’t know, you know, how familiar you are, but cancer is a really big, unmet need. It’s the number one killer of dogs. 6 million dogs were diagnosed with cancer last year.

Just for comparison, only around 2 million people were diagnosed in the United States. And there’s many more people in the US than dogs.

So, the incidents, the prevalence is very high, and at the same time, all of these advancements are happening, and so things are better, they’re cheaper.

And that translesion is not going back to the dog. And I said going back to the dog for a very specific reason for all of you, we share a love of animals, which is sadly, dogs are part of actually getting all these products to market for humans.

They’re part of—you know, their animal tech— and as “subjects.”

So, what we think is dogs as patients, and we take that very seriously. So, what that means is I want all of that innovation that dogs actually helped him to come back to the dog, and we want to close that gap really fast.

And so, it’s kind of an exciting opportunity, right, to really redefine kind of how these products move forward so that they really benefit our four-legged best friends.

And in that, we have first and foremost a diagnostic product. So, essentially, every dog is unique, and sadly, every cancer too.

So, we do not work with one-size-fits-all chemo, radiation— that’s not good, bad cells—all the same, we work with a class of—you know, an approach which is really precision, really personalized medicine.

So we’re looking at what’s driving that dog’s tumor, and then from there, figuring out what therapy or therapies might be relevant and really enable this whole class of drugs called: Targeted Therapies.

And with that, they turned around certain tumor types and kids from a death sentence into actual survival, like shifted it to almost not chronic disease, but kind of a total 85% survival.

So, 85% that sentence to 85% survival. And that was entirely a function of being the right patient, at the right time, with the right innovation.

And it’s actually now called: The St. Jude’s model. So, St. Jude’s Hospital really leads this in the world, almost.

So, we’re similarly— for dogs that’s our ambition is to collect data on end to end every patient who can really understand what works, what doesn’t, and start to intervene in a much smarter way than we have been, definitely in veterinary medicine.

But then even it could be we figure some things out that are ahead of the human.

Chris: Take us back to the point where you said, somebody’s got to do something about this, and I’m going to be the one.

I mean, take us back when the idea for Fido Cure even came to you.

Christina: Yeah, oh my god, that’s a great question.

So, my dad had cancer—and then I had a dog with cancer also. And one observation was: Wow, they both are being treated with chemo. The chemo itself is like, extremely toxic.

And I’m sure everyone listening here and certainly all of us have been sensitized of knowing someone or hearing of someone, right. Who oftentimes is not the cancer. It’s actually the chemo debilitating and impacts the system.

And coming from right from this two-sided marketplace of— like, there’s got to be a more circular economy solution to this, a more evolved way to do things.

So, that was what really inspired me. And I realized also from day one, we were set out to build the biggest data set.

And from day one, we realized that there weren’t the barriers and the frictions in building a data set that they’re on humans.

So, we always have had the ambition that we’re going to translate everything from the human back to the dog. So, it’s an unusual wedge that didn’t have—like a zipcode or wasn’t really an understood space.

And I always have been attracted to that. That’s how I ended up in it.

Chris: Nice. So, now what’s next? 

I heard you say in the beginning, you know, my feline friend here, cats may be in the future. What else is on the future for Fido Cure?

Christina: So, we really want to be—

Accessibility, number one, number one, right. I want to lower the barriers for folks everywhere in all sorts of socio-economic classes to be able to really access and enroll their pets in Fido Cure.

When—you know, cancer, this very vulnerable moment arises. And I want to be able to do at scale, first-class with very high integrity and basically the best medicine for all the dogs.

And I think we can do it. There’s been so much innovation to bring the costs down. So, I’m also working on that side, right.

So, I want to equip the pet parents, the clinicians, all the folks with like, you know, this is what we’re seeing is promising. This is less promising.

Just really be very transparent.

Chris: Well, Christina, this is fascinating to hear, and I’m excited to see what you guys are going to be able to do.

Is there anything else you want to mention before I wrap things up today?

Christina: Stay tuned for our new products, especially around—what’s called liquid biopsy, which are blood tests.

Look out for that and really join us in helping crush cancer again on both sides of the leash.


Chris: Awesome, well, thank you so much for coming on today. 

And as we wrap up, I’ll remind our viewers and listeners that if you’ve got an amazing idea, an innovative idea for kicking cancer in the butt or whatever, it might be anything that can help people help animals. We want to know about it, so go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and we’d love to have you on and talk about it so Christina, thank you again.

I really appreciate everything you guys are doing. Love to hear where you’re going and I really appreciate you coming to the show.

Christina: Awesome, thank you for having me and for your important work.

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