Extend The Fence And Stop The Digging To Keep Pets Safely Inside │ Dig Defence

Extend The Fence And Stop The Digging To Keep Pets Safely Inside │ Dig Defence


Extend The Fence And Stop The Digging To Keep Pets Safely Inside │ Dig Defence

If you have a mini Houdini in your midst that keeps trying to escape your yard by digging under the fence, you probably need to do something to get them to stop. Your dog being an escape artist can become a massive problem since the outside world can pose real dangers to your pets.

It would be best to act immediately to stop your furry friend’s habit of burrowing and digging under the fence. Fortunately, there are now products out in the market that can help stop the tricks of your veritable Houdinis!

Specifically, Dig Defence was among the first to introduce an effective solution to this problem — drive-in ground fence models that keep pets safely inside and predators out!


Stop Your Pets From Digging Under The Fence

Extend The Fence And Stop The Digging To Keep Pets Safely Inside │ Dig Defence

Like most innovations and inventions in the market, Dig Defence products also came from a place of necessity and need. In this case, it was to offer protection to beloved family pets.

According to Rod Wheeler, the CEO, and COO of Dig Defence,

“We protect pets and animals from digging or going under fences.”

Dig Defence offers a multitude of drive-in fence panels that can extend the protection of your fence from under the ground! Their products are robust welded steel panels that create an affordable, effective, and long-term solution!

Rod Wheeler proudly claims that for a relatively simple premise, concept, and design, it can solve a wide variety of problems!

“We came up with a simple solution. It doesn’t have any moving part and just basically extends the protection of the fence underground.” 

Its primary purpose is to prevent dogs from digging under the fence. Though it keep pets safely inside, Dig Defence products can also stop predators and pests from entering your property!

The models are made entirely of galvanized steel, mainly because they can last up to 25 years and would not rust and deteriorate over time.

The design also ensures that it is easy to install and can surpass former solutions by eliminating most labor costs associated mainly with trenching and digging.


Keep Your Pets Safely Inside With The Help Of Dig Defence

Extend The Fence And Stop The Digging To Keep Pets Safely Inside │ Dig Defence

Dig Defence is also animal-friendly, which is proven by its animal-safe products and models!

“We wanted something that wouldn’t harm the animal yet keep them from coming in or going out of that designated fence area.”

All their products are made of a basic design. Plus, they do not incorporate any advanced technology that can harm an animal. They don’t produce anything that can electrify or shock your dog!

Currently, they have three main models in their collection:

  • For small to medium-sized animals: 32 inches in length, 8 inches in depth, and 2 inches spike spacing.
  • For larger animals: 32 inches in length, 10 inches in depth, and 2.5 inches spike spacing.
  • For maximum protection: 24 inches in length, 15 inches in depth, and 1.5 inches spike spacing.

You may purchase these models on their official website.

Aside from these fence models, Dig Defence launched a dog treat line! They are all natural-baked treats made with limited ingredients and packed with unique flavor combinations! You can also find them on their website!

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Rod: Hey, I’m Rod Wheeler with Dig Defence, and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Awesome introduction.

So, Rod, tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.  I’m the CEO and COO of Dig Defence.

We’re a company that started in 2009.  We protect pets and animals from digging or going under fences.

Chris: That sounds like a really simple premise, but this— seems to be a much bigger problem, isn’t it?

Rod: Yes, it is, actually.

You have dogs, and not just dogs, but pests and predators that go under fences either to enter or leave the designated area. And we’ve come up with a pretty simple problem or a simple solution.

It doesn’t have any moving parts. Basically, it just extends the protection of the fence underground.

Chris: So there’s nothing electrical, you’re not shocking them,  you’re not hurting them in any way.

Rod: Exactly, that was one main point.

Wanted to make sure—you know, there’s shock collars out there,  hot wires, electric fences, as they call it. We wanted something that did not harm the animal, but yet kept them from coming in or going out  of that designated fenced area.

So, the unit actually is made from galvanized steel. Galvanized steel wire.  So, it lasts the lifetime of the fence, and it extends the protection of the already existing fence underground.

So, you know, you don’t have to go get new fencing. You don’t have to take time to bury fence or to dig a trench, even. This just instantly installs into the ground.

Chris: How deep does it actually go down? 

Rod: We have several lengths, several models. The first one is an eight-inch depth. It is 32 inches in length.So, it protects 3ft, when used in conjunction with another. To kind of keep uniform, you want to keep that same spacing. So, that 32-inch length, 8-inch depth has 2-inch spike spacings for small to medium animals. 

Then we have one for larger. We say bigger paws. It’s 32 inches in length, 10 inches in depth with two-and-a-half-inch spike spacing.

Then we have the ultimate model, which is the XL model. It’s 24 inches in width, 15 inches in depth, with one-and-a-half-inch spike spacing. That one protects against all sizes of animals and the most aggressive diggers.

So, if you have opossums or if you have skunks that are trying to get in, not only do you have your pets trying to get out, but it protects both ways.

Chris: Now, you mentioned before that it’s made of galvanized steel. So, why galvanized steel? Rod: Because it will last the life of—chain link fencing is galvanized. It doesn’t last forever, but it takes 20 years,  20,25 years before it starts to rust and deteriorate.

So, we wanted something that would last the life of the fence. We didn’t want to use metal that rusted as soon as you put it in the ground, because the ground, it’s going to retain water and moisture. So, there’s something that would stand up to that.

Chris: When did you kind of figure out that there’s actually commercial uses to this and that this is a problem?

Like you said, the military bases, airports, I mean,  the big guys also have this problem, too.

Rod: The funny thing is we’re finding new uses for this product almost weekly.  I mean, when you think about it, any fence property can utilize this product.

But it wasn’t until a pest control company kind of reached out to us,probably two years within us launching it, and said, “Hey, do you have anything that will—is a little more beefier?

You know, beefier? Kind of smaller, spike, spacing. That’s kind of what led us into the XL. And then the commercial model, which the commercial model, is basically the XL, but it’s longer. It’s 4ft in width.

From then we thought, “What can use this?”

Well, one thing that came to our mind, was there are runway incursions in airports from bird strikes, we understand.

But not only that, but a lot of it is from animals that get through the fence line, come out, and they cause delays on the runway, or they run out in front of an airplane when they’re trying to take off.

Most of those were deer and coyotes. There was some wild boar.

And from that point, we thought, “Let’s reach out and see if this is something that would benefit them.”

In fact, there’s a fraction of the cost, what they were usually doing to correct that issue. They would have to go and get a whole new fence line that’s 2ft taller and bury the 2ft portion of the bottom of the fence, or they would have to dig a trench and pour concrete.

So, our solution was a fraction of the price.  So, they were happy to see that.

In fact, we met with one of the lead biologists for the FAA, and he was so impressed that he’s going to put it in an upcoming manual for the biologists.

Chris: So, what’s next? I mean, where do you take this? Do you have ideas for other products that are complementary or even totally different?

Rod: Sure, yeah.

We’ve actually launched a line of dog treats to kind of go with the barriers. Our motto is: We’ve been protecting pets for years now, Let us treat them.

So, yeah, we have treats, and we didn’t want to just go with any treat. We want to make sure that it was the same quality that we’ve come to learn and love about with our barriers.

So, it’s all-natural baked treats. They’re limited ingredients and they’re unique flavor combinations.

Chris: Well, that’s nice. Very nice. Well, I mean, this is really cool. A simple concept. I mean, you came up with a simple design that’s very effective. Now you’ve created variations, right, to solve multiple problems.

I mean, it’s going to be interesting to  see what the latest problems are that people keep coming up with that this can solve.

So Rod, if people are interested in learning more about it, where can they go, how do they learn? How do they order?

Rod: Sure, you can find us at STOPTHEDIG.COM. Because that’s what our goal is. We want to stop the dig,  whether that’s going in the yard or out of the yard.

Chris: This is really cool, and I’m glad you came on today, Rod. And as I wrap things up, I just love to remind our viewers and listeners, it always starts with an idea.

And Rod’s a great example. He was trying to solve a problem that they had and then said, “You know, I wonder if anybody else has this problem.”

So, maybe you’re an inventor like Rod. Maybe you have an idea for a product, a service, or even it’s just an idea right now.

If it’s helping animals or the people that love them, we’d love to know about it. Just open your browser and go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and fill out the form. And we’d love to have you on.

And of course, please don’t forget to sign-up for DOOBERT.COM, where you can join the tens of thousands of Dooberteers across the country that are volunteering their time to transport and foster animals in rescues and shelters.

You can sign up for free at DOOBERT.COM

And we even have a Doobert Forward store now, where you can order products, and we’ll pay 5% of your order forward to the animal rescue or animal shelter that you choose.

So, check it all out at DOOBERT.COM

Rod, thanks so much for coming on. Thanks for what you’re doing, and I can’t wait to see what the new ideas are for what this is going to say.

Rod: Thanks, Chris, appreciate it.

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