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dooloop dog poop bag holder makes life less icky

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 97 - Dooloop

Hands-Free Dog Poop Bag Holder Makes Lives Less Icky | DooLoop

Who says holding a bag of poo is inevitable when walking your dog?

With dooloop, you can manage long walks with your pup while holding a cup of coffee or answering your phone. Plus, it even helps you save the environment!

According to Beth Herriman, founder and inventor of dooloop,

I am innovating by making people’s walks, when they are walking with their dogs, a little bit better… I created dooloop, which is easy to use. You just slide your bags on, and it holds. So, if you have a dainty pooper who sometimes stops a couple of times, we got you covered.”

Inventing the Dooloop

Although Beth’s family had taken care of a lot of pets over the years, the dooloop story started when she signed up to foster two skittish Basset Hounds whom she named Bella and Angie.

“We all know that at some point on our walk, our hands will be holding a bag of poo. In my case with Bella and Angie, that meant bringing a cup of coffee was a non-starter, and taking a phone call became a risky balancing act. At the time, I once waved a smelly sack at someone in greeting. Not super friendly!”

the story about dooloop with the founder's dogs bella and angie

Having had enough, Beth turned to local pet stores and the Internet for help but found no solution to her problem.

This compelled her to take matters into her own hands. Eventually, she created a hands-free, game-changing waste bag holder slash leash accessory and named it “dooloop”.

“It’s just a very simple leash accessory that I invented because I didn’t have three hands… This was just kind of like a Hail Mary for sanity, basically. [Walking two Basset Hounds] was just too much to handle, and the thing of it is, these are just stupid easy to use,”

Beth said.

Dooloops to Help Dog Parents and the Environment

dooloop help dog parents and the environment

With a goal to make life easier for dog parents and better for the environment, Beth is proud to say that they make dooloops right in Maine using flexible, recycled, non-toxic, and formerly medical-grade plastic.

Even more impressive is the fact that the dooloop product and its packaging are 100% recyclable materials. They also come in seven different colors to suit your preference.

“If people aren’t juggling their coffee or phone with bags of doo, there’ll be less dog poop left to ‘disappear’, fewer bags left behind, and no more letters to Dear Abby about neighbors dropping poop bags in neighbors’ bins. This is one small choice we can each make to bring a little bit of brightness to our world!”

In line with Beth’s desire to give people the chance to be able to shop in their go-to local place, dooloop is now available in a lot of different stores in the U.S. and some stores in the U.K.

“It’s really nice being able to help people. The feedback from customers has been just remarkable, and everybody’s been super great… I appreciate all the customers who have discovered our dooloops and bought them for their friends and families.”



Learn more about dooloop!

Visit their website at https://thedooloop.com/.

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Beth: Hello, my name is Beth Herriman, and you have tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Excellent introduction, Beth. Thank you for coming on today. So, tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Beth: I created a dooloop, and this is— that’s the magic. It’s one-hand, easy to use. You just slide your bags on, and this bag isn’t even knotted. You just slide it off, and it holds it.

Chris: That’s cool.

Beth: So, if you have a dainty pooper who sometimes stops a couple of times. And you use a bag because you’re trying to use fewer bags, got you covered.

Chris: I love this. So, now, what is this called? 

Beth: It’s called a dooloop. And if you turn it upside down, it still says dooloop, keep it lower case. And— yeah, it’s just a very simple leash accessory that I invented because I didn’t have three hands.

We’ve had a lot of pets over the years, and I’ve walked around proudly, like carrying my bag of poop. Never thought twice about it. And then basically, the kids were gone.

I didn’t know what my next move was going to be or what my next thing was going to be. And my kids kept sending me pictures of dogs that needed homes. And so, I signed up to foster Bassett Hounds and got two who were super skittish, who were the muses behind this.

Chris: I love the fact that it started with rescue dogs, foster failures, I mean, because I know when we serve two dogs and when I would take them on a long walk, sometimes they’d poop four or five times. And so, each— and so you got all these bags, and particularly in the winter, trying to hold them with your gloves and stuff, and it’s really hard.

So, I love the idea that I just stick it in there on the leash and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Beth: And the thing about it is that these are just stupid, easy to use.

Chris: So, take me back to this point. So, you’ve got two Basset Hounds, right? You’re taking them on a walk. And like you said, you don’t have three hands. 

So, how did you come up with this idea? What was going through your mind?

Beth: Well, we were still fostering them, and it was like: I can’t do this, and you know, like at 04:00 in the morning, when you get your best ideas, you’re just sort of happy.

And anyway, I took myself— my background is design usually, it used to be fashion design four years back, and I went to a local hardware store, actually, and I just slowly walked the aisle looking for inspiration.

And the inspiration actually came from an old-fashioned potato masher. And I just started fooling around with that in my kitchen and came up with the original, very rustic design. And it was really helpful to me.

I sent them out to friends and said like: What do you think?

Chris: I can totally picture the old-fashioned potato masher, right Like, there’s a handle, and then there’s, like, these two things, and then the masher part at the bottom.

Beth: Yeah, that’s exactly it. I saw that. And it was just like: That’s what I need. I need like a—like a channel. And then it was like fooling around with what the top needed to look like.

And basically, this is the Goldilocks design. It’s not too big, it’s not too small. Because I played with it. You know what I mean? It doesn’t need to be bigger, but any smaller.

And all of a sudden it gets fiddly again. You have to be careful threading it with this. Basically, you can just, like I said, just whack it on.

Chris: How is this taken off? I mean, you did this a couple of years ago. Are people buying it? Is it taken off like gangbusters?

Beth: Yeah, it’s been going really great. And it’s so funny when you don’t know anything, you don’t know what to do.

So, after I first got some—the first sort of stuff made, I’d never been to a trade show before, so I thought: Why not go to one of the biggest ones in the country for pets?

So, I got a booth at Super Zoo way back in the back by the restrooms, because I was late getting there. My little looked cool stuff, had my brother come, a couple of friends come, and we just had a ball. And it was the only thing like it in the entire place.

That has been the challenge of this, actually. Is it’s a new classification? There isn’t a name for what this is. It’s not a bowl. It’s not a leash. It’s not a shorthand for anything that already exists.

So, I trademarked dooloop. And I’m just considering there a dooloop. It’s something that’s a loop you put doo on. And so now, you get all sorts of different colors and styles and sizes. I can show you the colors.

Now, this is where my fashion stuff comes in.

Chris: I can tell.

Beth: I wanted to pick colors that coordinate versus necessarily match with things because that way they’ll just go with all that.

There’s so many cool leashes and stuff like that out there. Anyway, so, I’ve got seven colors. I’m up to seven colors right now. 

Chris: I think you’ve checked all the boxes for somebody that’s doing this the first time to make something that’s sustainable.

It’s nice, it’s nicely designed and colorful. Like you said, you wanted it made in the USA with fair wages. And the price point is still under $10.

And it’s like, check, check, check. You did it, all right, Beth.

Beth: Oh, thank you. It’s kind of fun when it’s your own thing and there’s no downside. Like nobody’s dying on a table to be able to just make some choices and kind of do it in a way that I feel good about.

Chris: Like I said, I appreciate all those things. You’re checking all the boxes, and clearly, this is important to you that your company is structured and doing things that support small businesses.

So, tell people again the website, how they can buy them, how they can get a hold of you?

Beth: They can get a hold of me at [email protected] and the website is THEDOOLOOP.COM and on the website has a list of the stores.

Chris: Beth this is awesome, I’m really glad you came on today and as we wrap things up, I’ll just remind our viewers and listeners that if you’ve got an inspirational idea, I mean, a poop bag holder that started as potato mashers, a pretty inspirational idea.

If you got an idea for a product, a service, anything that’s helping people help animals, we want to know about it go to INNOVATIONS. SHOW and we’d love to have you on the show.

So, Beth thank you again for bringing this into the world. It’s definitely something needed and I’m really glad you came on today.

Beth: Thank you so much for having me. This has been so much fun. This is great.

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