Canadian Distributor of Finnessiam Health and Safe Supplies for Pets | Dogs of Pride

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 49 - Dogs of Pride

Canadian Distributor of Finnessiam Health and Safe Supplies for Pets | Dogs of Pride

If you’re based in Canada and have no idea where to get your favorite natural supplies for your pets, Dogs of Pride is a viable option.

Owned by Wendie Patrick, Dogs of Pride aims to help pet parents get to the root of their pet’s health problems. It carries a wide range of natural alternatives to dog grooming products and other supplies for pets that you won’t find on shelves.

According to Wendie,

“I work one on one, with a lot of pets and their people or a combination of both… Everything has grown through the years by learning more about my own health and my animals’ health.”

Starting Dogs of Pride

The idea for Dogs of Pride came from Wendie’s previous experience as a full-time dog groomer. She used to do a lot of investigative product research after noticing the effects of several pet supplies in the market.

She said, reminiscing,

“It sounds very professional, but really, it’s just poking around and finding out the nitty-gritty onWhat’s that ingredient? What’s that product do? Is that company telling us the truth? Are they giving us full disclosure? Because there are no regulations in the pet industry for skin products as there would be in the human or cosmetics industry.”

This interest then grew and resulted in wanting to help pets and their people. And after she discovered, when she relocated from Alberta to Nova Scotia, that there was a huge lack of suppliers and distributors for pet grooming and other safe products, she finally decided to take action and founded Dogs of Pride.

It also helped that she never outgrew her curious nature and love for learning.

For Wendie, it’s become a personal mission to learn as much as she could about how the good, the bad, and the ugly can be adapted for the benefit of animals.

“I want to understand how everything works to make it easier for the pet parent. This especially  applies during these days, where a lot of groomers are overwhelmed or still overshot, and a lot of them have never recovered through the COVID closures.”

She also educates and empowers pet parents to make informed decisions related to their four-legged babies’ health.

This includes keeping them informed of the ever-changing developments, research, and science related to the ingredients used in pet products.


Offering Finnessiam Health and Other Natural Supplies for Pets in Canada

Emphasizing the importance of grooming and skincare for pets, Wendie makes sure to partner with other pet companies that are also research-intensive in their offerings.

Her passion for helping keep animals healthy also contributed to the development of their flagship brand: Finnessiam Health.

Dogs of Pride Canadian Distributor of Finnessiam Health and Safe Supplies for Pets

Derived from the name of her dogs Fionnaulla, Jesse, and William, Finnessiam Holistic Health intends to help pet parents and their pets restore their mental and physical balance. For Wendie, this means making sure that they provide ethically made and safe products.

She also sees to it that 10% of the sales Finnessiam Health makes will go to support animal rescue.

Closing the podcast, she invites everyone to visit her podcast, too:

“Whether it’s other health modalities, any other information you have on helping pets, or anything else… the more we work together and get the information right there, the better we all do as a whole.”



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Wendie: Hi, I’m Wendie Patrick, and you’re tuning in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Wendie, welcome. Thanks for coming on. Tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Wendie: I am Wendie Patrick, owner of Dogs of Pride and Finnessiam Holistic Health. So, we help the pets and their people. And I strive to learn as much as I can about everything, that’s going on right there in the world—and the good, the bad, the ugly, and how that can be adapted to help our pets and their carers or their opposable fund people in having happier healthier lives.

Chris: Nice. So, it’s like different—you’re researching and creating different products and things for people that are not the stuff that I got to go to Walgreens or CVS for that.

Wendie: Yeah, you won’t find me on a shelf. Pretty much any of the stuff we have—I work very specifically, one on one with a lot of pets, and/or their people, or a combination of both.

So, I could do the whole family and how everything has kind of grown through the years, is through— learning more about my own health and my animal’s health.

And having some difficulties in my own health,  so that I had to change courses. So, I used to be a dog groomer full time, and did a lot of investigative research, if you like. Sounds very professional, but really just poking around, and finding out the nitty-gritty on what’s that ingredient, what’s that product do, is that company telling us the truth, are they giving us full disclosure because there’s not the regulations in the pet industry— for skin products as there would be in the human industry, your cosmetics industry.

So, there’s a little bit of a gray area there. In most countries where a lot of the products, aren’t even putting their ingredients on the bottles. Or they weren’t 10,15 years ago.

“So, you’re buying this? Oh, it smells pretty, it’s fine.” It will feel itchy for three weeks afterward. What happened? Well, such a harsh, cleanser. It stripped all the natural oils of the skin. So, the dog’s going into hyper mode trying to replenish that. So, it’s just got really dry, tough skin going on and it’s itchy.

So, looking at things, why they do this, why they put them in there, What does this do? What does that do? And then that has completely mutated over the last year. So, when I developed more of Finnessiam products, which is my own brand, and came up with a SCENTsitive shampoo, where it’s gonna help not over strip the coat of the oils, and then a nice detangler and a leave-in conditioner. So, it replenishes and seals the hair cuticles, so you don’t have the matting as often and it helps release the dead coat.

Understanding how everything works to make it easier for the pet owner, pet parent to do some of this work at home.

Chris: I think it’s awesome. I think it’s great that you’re diving into this stuff. Because we are in love with our pets and we want them to be well. And I don’t know— I just buy at the pet store, right? What they have on the shelf. And I never really stopped to look at the products, and truly understand what’s going into it.

And everything you’re saying makes complete and total sense to me. Tell us how the Dogs of Pride and how the  Finnessiam Health names kind of came about.

Wendie: Well, the Dogs of Pride was basically— my previous married name was ‘Pride,’ and it was our dogs. And it was Finn, Jesse, and William, the three on the little original Dogs of Pride logo. Since then, they have all passed on to the rainbow bridge or wherever. And so it was Finn, Jesse, and William.

And I started making the ‘Colloidal Silver’ many years ago. Before that all mutated, and I was looking for a brand name for my brand. I love playing with words and everything else. I was like, “Well, let’s have a collaboration of the dogs.” And something that sounds a little different.

And once we break it down and explain that Finnessiam is just Finn, Jesse, and William. Then it makes sense. Yeah, just happened. Chris: I think it’s a great name for a brand, and it just got such a nice back story, like you said. Because I’m sure they were a part of your lives.

So, now you’ve also started a podcast, you said. So, Finnessiam podcast as well.

Wendie: Once I find out what was going on with my health, and actually what happened was—I was having a lot of pain, a lot of issues. And then I had surgery in 2014, and everything went south.

Through 2 years, nearly 3 years of testing for everything and anything. Nothing was ever discovered. And I was told to— basically: “We’ll up your thyroid medication and taking a leave every day.” And that wasn’t good enough for me. I was like, “No, no, no, no.” I am not going through another 40, 50 years of feeling like this.

The whole muscle fatigue and everything else was just crazy. So, I was losing my patience, because the pain and the muscle fatigue was getting so bad, even just starting to groom a dog. And I was like, “No, I can’t, I can’t do that.” If I don’t know that I can happily groom the way that I have always done it, then I will not make that animal feel stressed because I’m upset, because I’m sore. So, I had to stop that. And it was then through finding a natural path, who had followed for a little while, probably about a year and a half, before I said, “Okay, I need to see you.” And he was, “okay.”

He identified some nutrient deficiencies and everything else. But until about a year or so after I had then  become a practitioner with him, he had then developed a ‘Lyme disease protocol.’ And I went to see him for the training on that and he’s like: “You’re still going through way too many cell salts.” We do cell salts, tissue salts, mineral salts are the same thing. And through the protocol at me to test me for it. And bam! There it was. Full-blown Lyme disease.

Chris: Wow.

Wendie: Yeah.

Chris: Just like that.

Wendie: Just like that.

And the reason that it got missed, it was actually tested for. But the test that my doctor did was only testing for one bacteria co-infection. And there’s 40 odd plus, that are actually hand in hand with it. So, that’s why it was missed.

And once we found it, then I’m like: “Okay, now I know what the beast is, let’s fight the beast.” As we’re talking here, it’s been nearly 5 months now, since I’ve needed to actually take any of my protocol. And that’s about 3 and a half years on. So, knock on wood. That’s basically it. And we’ve put it to sleep or to bed.

But, yeah, we would do a bit of education on that, because dogs can get it too and they can actually pass it. The mosquito— not just the tech, but the mosquito, the flee. Any blood-born insect can and will spread it.

Chris: What’s next for you, Wendie? Where are you taking the line of products for dogs and people? What are you going to do?

Wendie: Oh, it’s big plans, Chris.

We came up with the CBD alternative, which in Canada, you can’t get CBD legally on the market. People are going the human source route and stuff like that. And it’s not a clever or good idea. So, we have that which has been doing incredible stuff. I’ve got all the products going. They’re gaining some traction. We have the Quantumly Yours podcast, and on that, I go into what journey we’re on. So, whether it’s my health journey whether it’s some other things, that the animals are going through. And we talk about all sorts, I get a few guests on as well.

That even an osteopath, how they can help, and light therapy, how that can help. And I just actually pass my board certification for Universal Light Therapist. So, that’s something I can do. But I need to have people in person.

Chris: Yeah, it’s kind of hard to do over a Zoom call, isn’t it?

Wendie: It’s like, oh, bright lights. Yeah. Not a good idea.

What I would love to do and what I would love to be able to do— Obviously, it’s all depending on finances and how everything works out. But I would love to open a clinic, and it’s literally like a healing center or a health center. But from the natural side. So, somewhere where you can come with your pets, and rent a cabin or a yurt or whatever it is that it ends up being—  and have that meditation, we can learn how to meditate.

It’s hard. You can go into all sorts of different aspects, creative. Plus, you can get your massages, your light therapy treatments, you’re testing for nutritional deficiencies or the presence of toxic metals, parasites, mold, hormone imbalances. You name it and help people and their pets either or— or together— get on a better journey to happier healthier lives. And enjoy what time we have.

Chris: Yeah, I love that. I love what you’re trying to do and where you’re headed. Where can people go to buy the products? Learn more about them. Give us the websites and all that stuff.

Wendie: Well, all of the products currently are being sold under, DOGSOFPRIDE.COM. A lot more information on the Finnessiam products specifically, and a little bit more about me and the health side of stuff is looked after under our FINNESSIAMHEALTH.COM website, and there are links on those to each other and also through that, you can get the podcast, and the podcast you’ll find on all of your usual platforms. YouTube, BitChute, Google Play, Buzzsprout, Spotify—

Chris: You’ve got them all.

Wendie: Oh, yeah. We’re just trying to get out there any way we can, and on your own podcast as well. So, thank you very much for having us.

Chris: As I wrap up our show today, I’ll just remind our viewers and listeners, that if you’ve got a great idea for an animal product, or service, or know somebody that does, and I should talk to them, Just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and let me know. We’ll get them on the show and talk to them.

So, thanks again, Wendie. It’s great to talk to you.

Wendie: Thank you, Chris. Pleasure.

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