Canadian Distributor of Finnessiam Health and Safe Supplies for Pets | Dogs of Pride

Dogs of Pride Canadian Distributor of Finnessiam Health and Safe Supplies for Pets

Dogs of Pride Canadian Distributor of Finnessiam Health and Safe Supplies for Pets


If you’re based in Canada and have no idea where to get your favorite natural supplies for your pets, Dogs of Pride is a viable option.


Owned by Wendie Patrick, Dogs of Pride aims to help pet parents get to the root of their pet’s health-related problems. It carries a wide range of natural alternatives to dog grooming products and other supplies for pets that you won’t find on shelves.


According to Wendie,

“You won’t find me on a shelf and pretty much any of the stuff we have. I work very specifically, one on one, with a lot of pets and other people or a combination of both… And how everything has kind of grown through the years is through learning more about my own health and my animals’ health and having some difficulties in my own health so that I had to change courses.”


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Starting Dogs of Pride

The idea for Dogs of Pride came from Wendie’s previous experience as a full-time dog groomer. She used to do a lot of investigative product research after noticing the effects of several supplies available for pets in the market.


She said, reminiscing,

“It sounds very professional, but really, it’s just poking around and finding out the nitty-gritty onWhat’s that ingredient? What’s that product do? Is that company telling us the truth? Are they giving us full disclosure? Because there are no regulations in the pet industry for skin products as there would be in the human industry or cosmetics industry.”


This interest then grew and resulted in wanting to help pets and their people. And after she discovered, when she relocated from Alberta to Nova Scotia, that there was a huge lack of suppliers and distributors for pet grooming and other safe products, she finally decided to take action and founded Dogs of Pride.


It also helped that she never outgrew her curious nature and love for learning.


For Wendie, it’s become a personal mission to learn as much as she could about how the good, the bad, and the ugly can be adapted for the benefit of animals.


“I want to understand how everything works to make it easier for the pet owner, pet parent, to do some of his work at home, especially during these days, where a lot of groomers are overwhelmed or still overshot, and a lot of them have never recovered through the COVID closures.”


She also makes it a point to educate and empower pet parents in making informed decisions related to their four-legged babies’ health.


This includes keeping them informed of the ever-changing developments, research, and science related to the ingredients used in pet products.


Offering Finnessiam Health and Other Natural Supplies for Pets in Canada

Emphasizing the importance of grooming and skincare for pets, Wendie makes sure to partner with other pet companies that are also research-intensive in their product and service offerings.


Her passion for helping keep animals healthy also contributed to the development of their flagship brand: Finnessiam Health.


Dogs of Pride Canadian Distributor of Finnessiam Health and Safe Supplies for Pets


Derived from the name of her dogs Fionnaulla, Jesse, and William, Finnessiam Holistic Health intends to help pet parents and their pets restore their mental and physical balance.


Wendie also made sure that 10% of the sales Finnessiam Health makes will go to support animal rescue.


Believing that all dogs need to have the tools necessary to become dogs of pride, Wendie works to ensure that they provide ethically made and safe products. Furthermore, these products must be beneficial to pets’ and their parents’ health.


Closing the podcast, she invites everyone to visit her podcast, too:

“Whether it’s other health modalities, any other information you have on helping pets, or anything else… the more we work together and get the information right there, the better we all do as a whole.”




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