Welcome to Doobert.com
Doobert.com is a software delivered through your Internet browser that helps animal organizations with a variety of tasks. Here they can plan transports and fundraisers, find fosters, photographers, and other types of volunteers, and much, much more. Volunteers can also join to find help out these organizations.

Rescue gets actual CVI and takes a legible photo

Rescue creates transport request in the Doobert system.

Rescue attaches animals to the transport request so volunteers know what they’re transporting.

Rescue can attach documents to the request including the CVI that we took a picture of.

Shows that CVI image attached

Shows that CVI image attached

Volunteers can pull it up via their iPhone or Android app or via the web browser to display the attached photo as evidence that the CVI exists and was completed.

User’s default photo viewer used to display evidence.

Within the Doobert software, rescues can post images accessible to volunteers. We aim to use this feature to protect our volunteers as they travel from state to state with rescue animals. Often, volunteers misplace important paperwork, such as the Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs) while in transit. This could result in tremendous fines if prompted by authorities.

To minimize these issues, rescues can now keep the physical copies of the CVIs and attach a legible image of the CVI in the Doobert software that volunteers can pull up via the Doobert app or their phone’s browser as evidence the CVI exists.

Our goal is to reach out to every state and territory in the United States to ensure that this is an accepted mode of carrying the CVIs.


Is this considered as an electronic CVI?

No, this is only an image taken from a physical CVI. The physical CVI will remain with the rescue until it can be sent to the animal’s new home.

What information will be on the CVI?

The CVI will contain the same information, animal descriptions, signatures and other evidence that is required to successfully complete the document.

What happens if transporters do not have a mobile device to access the software?

Our goal is to electronically store the evidence that the CVI exists so that it can be accessed from any internet connected device. In the event that the volunteer does not have immediate access to the internet, the presiding authority requesting evidence could allow the user to access the Doobert system on another device, or issue a ticket with the ability to demonstrate the existence at a future time. Doobert is cloud based so it can be accessed from any device that is able to connect to the internet.