Creating Volunteer Profiles | Ways You Can Volunteer on Doobert

Did you know that you can create different types of volunteer profiles on Doobert?


Maybe you don’t just want to be a transporter but a foster and a virtual volunteer, too. Doobert gives you the freedom to choose how you want to help organizations save more lives!


And in case you’re worried about your schedule getting all crazy, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We’ve got you covered! The information you provide in each volunteer profile, including your availability, will only apply to that specific profile to keep things organized and manageable for you.


Once you’ve created and activated the profiles you want, organizations will be able to find you using our Volunteer Search function and send you an invite to collaborate.


Learn how you can create or update your volunteer profiles below!



How to Update Your General Profile

Your general volunteer profile is the one used throughout Doobert and what other users will see. You have complete control over the information you want to show and when needed, you also have the option to make your profile private.


Here’s how you can edit your general profile:


Step 1: Go to My Info


Step 2: Click on Profiles & Vehicles


Step 3: Provide some basic information about yourself


Step 4: Add your vehicle information


Step 5: Click Save


How to Create A Foster Profile

Looking to help through fostering? That’s awesome! Most animals don’t do too well in a shelter setting so foster homes are so important in rehabilitating pets and preparing them for their forever families.


Opening your home to a pet also frees up a space at the shelter for another animal to be rescued. Plus, who wouldn’t want to bring home an adorable fur baby, right? Fostering is definitely one of the best ways to volunteer!


Follow these steps to create your foster profile:


Step 1: Click Foster Home.


Step 2: Specify how long you can foster


Step 3: Specify your preferences


Step 4: Provide basic household information


Step 5: Answer questions about your home environment


Step 6: List your references


Step 7: Click Save


Transporter Profiles

There are several ways you can help as a volunteer transporter on Doobert:

  • Rescue relay transports – These are volunteer-based transports where you work with other volunteers to transport animals usually from one state to another.
  • Local rides – These are transports within your local community (less than 50 miles).
  • Clinic rides – These are transports that help pet owners who don’t have access to transportation get their pets to the vet for scheduled checkups, vaccinations, or surgeries.
  • Volunteer pilot – We notify you about trips that match your profile so you can fly animals to where they need to be.
  • Airline employee – By providing the airline you work for and where you’re based, you can help us coordinate flights for animals that need transport.


You can choose to do more than one type of transport and to keep things organized, you’ll have a separate profile for each. To get started, simply click Transporter.



Activating Your Rescue Relay Transporter Profile

Rescue Relay transports typically cover longer distances, such as across the state or across several states. These transports may sometimes take several days to complete, so organizations may add overnight legs that you can sign up for.

Rescue Relay transports are planned in advance and we send you an email when there’s one near you.


Step 1: Click Rescue Relays


Step 2: Specify your available days


Step 3: Select your vehicle(s)

Choose the vehicle(s) you want to use specifically for rescue relays.


Step 3: Click Save



Activating Your Local Rides Profile

Local rides are shorter trips with travel distances less than 50 miles. In this type of transport, you’ll be notified via text if there are opportunities around your area for faster communication.


Step 1: Click Local Rides


Step 2: Provide your mobile number


Step 3: Specify your availability


Step 4: Click Save


Activating Your Clinic Rides Profile

Clinic rides are transports aimed to help pet owners without access to transportation to make sure that their pets get the care that they need when they need it.


Step 1: Click Clinic Rides


Step 2: Specify your availability


Step 3: Select your vehicle(s)

Choose the vehicle(s) you want to use specifically for Clinic Rides.


Step 4: Click Save


Activating Your Volunteer Pilot Profile

If you’re a pilot who has a passion for helping animals, you can definitely create a volunteer pilot profile. Simply let us know when you’re available and we’ll notify you of any trips that match your profile.


Step 1: Click Volunteer Pilot


Step 2: Specify your available times


Step 3: Select your vehicle(s)

Step 4: Select your airport identifier


Step 5: Click Show Your Coverage Area


Step 6: Draw your coverage area on the map

Click and drag the triangle to move it to a different area. To adjust the size, you can click and drag the corners of the triangle.


Step 7: Click Save


Activating Your Airline Employee Profile

Aside from pilots, airline employees are also very much welcome to help out. If you’re one, go ahead and create your profile and we’ll send you opportunities that match the information you provided.


Step 1: Click Airline Employee


Step 2: Select your airline and base


Step 3: Click Save



How to Update Your Photographer Profile

Have a passion for animals and a knack for making anything and everything look good in photos? Shelters and rescues need you! Create a photographer profile and use those skills to help rescues find homes!


Step 1: Click Photographer


Step 2: Specify your availability


Step 3: Provide some basic personal information


Step 4: Click Save



How to Update Your Lost Animal Support Profile

Are you good at communicating with people, creating flyers, or navigating through various Facebook pages and groups? Then you’ll be an awesome lost animal support volunteer! Here’s how you can create  your profile:


Step 1: Click Lost Animal Support


Step 2: Choose how you want to help


  • Caseworker: You assist the owner through text and email and help them develop a strategy to successfully locate their pet.
  • Craigslist Monitor: You monitor Craigslist sites in your area for lost or missing pet postings and post flyers to the sites as well.
  • Facebook Liason/Networker: You post flyers to “lost animals” Facebook pages.
  • Matchers: You watch shelter websites and Facebook pages for matches to missing pets.
  • Facebook Admins/Flyermakers: You receive the lost and found reports from the owners and finders and create flyers to post online or in print.
  • Dead End Microchip Volunteers: You help track down owners of lost pets with “dead-end microchips”.



How to Update Your In-Person Volunteer Profile

Are you more of a hands-on person? Then you might prefer to be an in-person volunteer for organizations near your area. Follow these steps to create your profile:


Step 1: Click In-Person Volunteer


Step 2: Specify your available times


Step 3: Provide your maximum travel distance and zip code


Step 4: Choose how you want to get involved

You can select more than one.


Step 5: Click Save


How to Update Your Virtual Volunteer Profile

Do you know your way around social media? Or perhaps, you’re familiar with posting animal profiles to different platforms? This volunteer opportunity is for you!


Step 1: Click Virtual Volunteer


Step 2: Choose from the list of tasks


There are social media tasks.


Animal profile tasks.


And a few additional support possibilities.


New to Doobert and want to start helping organizations save lives?

Sign up today and become an official Dooberteer!



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