Water-Activated Mats to Cool Your Dogs | CoolBeds4Pets

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Animal Innovations Show - Episode 86 - CoolBeds4Pets

Water-Activated Mats to Cool Your Dogs | CoolBeds4Pets

Looking for a way to cool your pets down in the midst of raging heat?

The water-activated pet cooling products from CoolBeds4Pets might be the solution you’re looking for.

According to Rick Perez, who co-founded the company with his wife,

“We make all of our products sustainably here in Colorado… We’re happy to bring a product that helps pets and allows them to cool down when the environment is too hot.”

Cooling Your Companion Animals With CoolBeds4Pets

coolbeds4pets water-activated mats cool down animals

Started in 2019, CoolBeds4Pets manufactures cool beds that come in fun and stylish colors. What makes the company’s products different from other cooling mats is that it uses water-activated cooling mats that cool your pets for days, not just hours.

Rick shared,

“We make them in kennel sizes so that they’re different sizes. What’s inside is a salt polymer crystal, and each crystal will absorb 300 times its weight in water. That then is the primary mode of…evaporative cooling process.”

With this cooling process, you can rehydrate the cool beds to reactivate them even as the fabric stays dry but cool to the touch.

This way, your pet can then lay on the mats comfortably and feel the cooling process without them getting wet or you worrying about the mat getting punctured.

“(Our mats) stay typically 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature around. And if you pair that with a fan, then it even goes down further.”

coolbeds4pets cooling down with crate fans

When asked how long the water-activated cooling products take to cool down, Rick said that it can last within five to 10 days depending on one’s location.

They also have plenty of other ideas high-tech cooling ideas they’re working on to achieve their goal of getting into spaces where canine officers with canine units are.

“They have their squad cars, and their squad cars are awesome. But they, too, are subject to the occasional accident where it’s a heat-related injury or heat-related deaths. And that is something that I feel is highly preventable,”

Rick shared.

He also believes that with climate change only going to worsen, CoolBeds4Pets’ products serve a purpose by providing a solution to the climate problem for our furry pets and our animals.



Learn more about CoolBeds4Pets!

Check out their website at https://coolbeds4pets.com/.

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Rick: Hi, I’m Rick Perez, and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Why don’t you tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Rick: Our product is called CoolBeds4Pets. You can find us at COOLBEDS4PETS.COM

We are a manufacturer of water-activated pet cooling products. We make all of our products sustainably here in Colorado. And I am the primary manufacturer, salesperson, and Internet guy. And I do a lot of things. I wear a lot of hats, along with my wife.

She also helps out, of course, she’s sort of my co-founder to the company. And so between the two of us, we’re the two behind CoolBeds4Pets right now.

Chris: So, one of the things I thought was really cool about this is— is not— I expected it to be just like a water bladder, right. That if you puncture, it’s going to leak all over the place, but it’s not.

And I thought it was really cool. You tell people to soak it in a bathtub for an hour and then, you kind of just roll it real quick on a towel to get out excess, and then it stays cool for a long time.

So, tell us more about this, because this is something really unique.

Rick: Yeah, we’re— I like to say we’re selling science, kind of— Basically our product— and I have one that I kind of— it’s like a little tester.

You soaked your bed— this bed, and we make them in kennel sizes,  so, they’re going to be different sizes. Inside it is a salt polymer crystal and each crystal will absorb 300 times its weight and water.

The primary mode of cooling then— is the evaporative cooling process. Then that happens, after a little bit of time, this fabric will actually dry to the touch, and then it allows it to— the dog or pet to lay on it and feel the comfort of the cooling and then not have to, be on any sort of, wet surface or anything like that.

It’s different. The evaporative cooling process is the key. Yeah, that’s kind of how that process works.

Chris: I mean, I’ve never seen anything like it. That’s why I think it’s so cool. So, how long will it stay cool? Right.

Because I was reading some of your testimonials and things on your website, and people are saying: this isn’t like a couple of hours. It can stay cool for days.

Rick: That’s right, yeah. That’s exactly where we’re also different.

When you hydrate your bed for an hour, it will stay cool, 5 – 10 days after that. And it depends on where you’re at.

Of course, in the country— If you’re saying in Arizona, you’re going to be closer to that 5-day hydration time, whereas if you’re saying in the middle of the country or back east in Florida, you’re closer to that 10-day hydration time.

Chris: Yeah, that’s really cool.

So, take us back to when you came up with this idea, what was going on in your life or with your animals that you said: You know what, we need a better product and I’m going to create it.

Rick: Yeah, absolutely.

We were looking for new cooling mats just like we wanted, just like we were used to. Ours were worn out, finally, after about 15 years of use and we kept them going the whole time.

And some people have original— beds out there— but we couldn’t find them, so we decided: Well, heck, let’s just go ahead and make it.

So, it was incredible.

Chris: Yeah, very nice.

Now, so what’s your goal? Are there any other products? I mean, what’s your plan for the next five years?

Rick: Good question, Chris. Yeah, absolutely. We’ve got some other ideas that we’re working on. Some technology, some low tech.

Just like this is low-tech cooling. Our goal is to: Get into spaces like municipalities with K9 units where K9 officers— they have their squad cars and their squad cars are awesome, but they too— are subject to the occasional accident where it’s a heat-related injury or heat-related death.

And that is something that I feel, is highly preventable. So, I think that what we are producing or our product serves a purpose there too where we’re providing a solution to a climate problem for our furry pets and our animals.

Chris: This is really super cool and I’m glad Rick, that you are carrying on the legacy and recognize the need for doing this. It sounds like you got big plans for the future.

So, is there anything else you want to mention before we wrap things up today?

Rick: I really appreciate anytime, anybody wants to talk about the importance of cooling your pets, I am willing to give my time— so, absolutely.

So, you can find us on— check us out on Etsy. Etsy is a great place for our reviews and to see our products or go to our website COOLBEDS4PETS.COM

We’re always on Instagram. We’re a decent follower, not bad follwer. We’re okay.

Chris: Rick, this is really cool.

I’m really glad that you came on today and as we wrap things up, I’ll just remind our viewers and listeners that if you’ve got an innovative idea for a product or have already taken the leap like Rick has done and made something really cool, we want to know about it.

So, go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and let us know.

We’ll get you on the show and talk to you like we did to Rick. So Rick, thank you again for coming on. I really enjoyed the conversation.

Rick: Thanks, Chris. Appreciate it.

 Guys, we’ll see you out there. Have a great day.

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