Eye-Opening Film About Dog Fighting Aims to Shed Light on Animal Cruelty | Chance the Film

Eye-Opening Film About Dog Fighting Aims to Shed Light on Animal Cruelty | Chance the Film


Eye-Opening Film About Dog Fighting Aims to Shed Light on Animal Cruelty | Chance the Film

Did you know that about 57% of the population don’t believe that dogfighting actually happens in their communities?

And yet, approximately 40,000 individuals actively participate in dogfighting activities in the U.S alone.

One of the most heinous forms of animal cruelty, dogfighting is a sport wherein people make dogs fight to the death

It is not as widespread as it used to be. But, even forced underground, the inhumane bloodsport still persists and degrades dogs’ quality of life.

Chance the Film and the Horrors of Dogfighting

Eye-Opening Film About Dog Fighting Aims to Shed Light on Animal Cruelty | Chance the Film

Despite its horrors, many people know only a little about the sport. So, in an effort to open more people’s eyes, Brandon Wynn and his colleagues co-produced a film entitled “Chance”.

Brandon shared,

“I’m not necessarily just pushing this film. I want to bring awareness to the issue of dogfighting and responsible pet ownership.”

The animated film talks about how an optimistic puppy is forced into the brutal world of underground dog fighting. It includes his journey of hope, courage, compassion, and friendship, as they promise to live through the horrors and escape to a place where they can be at peace without having to fight.

Chance tells the story from the eyes of the innocent dogs who had the misfortune to become victims of the bloodsport.

According to Brandon,

“The beautiful part about this film is that it really allows an everlasting conversation around the issue surrounding dogfights. And it leads to social justice, responsible pet ownership, understanding what leads to some of these issues… By having a dog relay that message, it kind of gets the message further than humans.”

Eye-Opening Film About Dog Fighting Aims to Shed Light on Animal Cruelty | Chance the Film

Brandon understands that it can be difficult to have a conversation about the issue of dogfighting.

However, considering that it still occurs in many parts of the country despite being illegal in all 50 U.S. states, Brandon and his co-producers wanted to help educate, bring awareness, and evoke change.

So, they decided to delve into platforms like films, where it can be a little easier to talk about and relate to.

“Chance” was intended to showcase the reality and shed light on the issue of dogfighting. But, Brandon stated that they still consider the film both family-friendly and kid-friendly.

Nonetheless, he was also vocal in saying that it would depend on how comfortable the parents are in tackling the matter with their children.

“In most movies, you don’t necessarily see bad things happen to dogs, you know? So, I think just being an advocate for animals and understanding the mental aspect of it, that’s a part that I went into in the script… And we had to take some things out,”

Brandon added.

The film talks about “Chance”, a dog with dreams and strong values who believes in standing up for what’s right. He and his group of friends dream of living a happy life. However, they are eventually forced to face cruelty that could soon be their reality and alter the happy life they long for.

“Chance” is available on many platforms, including Apple TV and Amazon. So, if you want to get a bigger discussion going on dogfighting, “Chance” is a great resource to bring more people together.


Want to know more about Chance the Film?

Check out the trailer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9f-OfNNjHM&t=0s.

Visit their website at https://chancethefilm.com/.

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Brandon: Hello, I’m Brandon Wynn, and I’m here for The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Awesome! Good introduction, Brandon. So, tell us a little bit more about who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Brandon: I’m the co-producer of Chance. And currently, my advocacy for animals is not necessarily just pushing this film, but great awareness to the issue— the issue of dogfighting, responsible pet ownership that this film kind of brings up.

The beautiful part about this film is it really allows an everlasting conversation around the issue surrounding dogfight, and it leads to social justice, responsible pet ownership, understanding what leads to some of these issues.

Just that neighborhoods service gambling— you got white-collared dogfights as well, these big, high-stake bets. So, it’s an interesting dynamic that this film allows the world to finally come together and talk about a subject that brings a lot of other issues.

Chris: Yeah, that’s what I really like about this. It’s like you said, I mean, you made it— it’s an animated film. And so, it kind of breaks down the barriers and opens up that conversation, as you said, to more than just dogfighting.

But what—all the other things that kind of go around it, and it’s hard to have that conversation, but it’s a little easier when you can talk about the film, and you can relate to it, and you can share a conversation about it.

Now, is this film family-friendly? Kid-friendly? I mean, tell us a little bit more about the target audience.

Brandon: We like to say 13 and up.

Chris: Okay.

Brandon: It depends on the comfort of the parent. A lot of the screens we’ve had, we’ve had teachers, principals, ministers— they want to use it as a teaching tool. We have to be constant because it’s not, you know, it’s not Finding Nemo.

So, we have to be condensing over, but hey, we recommend they’re taking it up, but we’ve gotten a lot of requests from schools, even churches. Just, you know, just—there’s more to the story—it’s not just a story about the dogfighting, it’s about the dog getting out of a dark place and finding a space to make sure that life is better for others. And this needs to stop. That’s really what the film is about.

Chris: Very cool. So, what’s your background? Have you always been somebody that wanted to be in the film? I mean, how did you get into this?

Brandon: Oh, man. My degree is in aviation.

Chris: Wow. Okay.

Brandon: Actually, I was full-time, and I’m still looking for chances to part-time. And now, I’m actually—this is my second film now, but I’m actually able to focus on that more, but I wrote about 4 or 5 scripts prior to Chance. I wrote a couple of novels, and it lets me write scripts.

Chris: So, what’s the next step?

Brandon: It’s out now. Video on demand and all the different channels and things like that. 

Chris: What’s your focus now? 

Brandon: I’m working on other animations now. I want to do Chance 2. I want to push Chance a little bit more.

It’s weird… COVID. Now, it’s kind of like you have to be very selective on—if you put it in theaters. So, it’s kind of letting me go with the flow. And the goal is to build it and get the world to see it.

We get really great reviews right now. Amazon, IMDB—I think we’re almost like 8.2 ratings now.

Chris: Wow. That’s great.

Brandon: And it’s just letting the product really get it out there. So, just doing it to the point where you get trusted and really, really put it out to the masses.

Chris: So, Brandon, what have you learned about yourself in the process?

Brandon: I like the big bone projects to meet some things in the world and be able to sit and stand strong in front of other films that some people are crying, to,  but everybody’s still on their seats at the end. And we have a great showing. It may last for a long time.

Some of them come shouting matches with, like, the judge. There are some judges that they bring in for animal legislation.

Chris: Sure.

Brandon: That process I’ve learned— I’ve learned the beauty of animating—you can go on a lot of different rooms that you necessarily can’t live-action.

So, we have to explain about dogs, and dogfighting can bring up the dog’s expressions. I found a genre that I probably never would have thought that I would be a part of producing films and some films that I’ve had waiting in my queue for live-action budgets, you know. I’m like, “You wanna animate them now.”

Chris: So, if people want to see the movie, if they want to learn more about it, get in contact with you, where should they go?

Brandon: Website: CHANCETHEFILM.COM. Facebook is where it goes down, from pig wall pictures to maybe, somebody saying a ridiculous comment and all the people—lovers coming to get them. We have about 38-39,000 followers on there. That’s really where a lot of stuff is.

It’s also available on many platforms from Amazon, Apple TV, Fandango, and many other platforms.


Chris: Well, I’m excited to see this, and obviously, we’ll share the links and all that for everybody. Is there anything else you wanted to mention before we wrap things up today, Brandon?

Brandon: By being independent, we’re here to help. We want to bring this network together. There’s a lot—by doing this, I’ve met a lot of amazing people.

One day, I’d love to try to get a bigger discussion going on because we have so many different outlets and groups doing these things independently.

So, we can do it. We need to come together and have a good conversation. I know the beauty of having a film. It allows that platform to come together. You know, it’s a continuous subject to talk about, you know.

So, I’m not asking for another one, but we’re here to bring people together and have this conversation.

Chris: Well, I hope, like you do, that the movie brings people together. So, I think it’ll be really cool to see where this goes and the direction it takes.

And before we wrap things up today, I’m going to just remind our viewers and listeners that if you’ve got an idea for somebody I should interview, somebody that’s innovative, like, Brandon, let me know.

Just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW, and let us know about it, and we’ll get them on the show. 

So, thanks again, Brandon for coming on. It was really great to talk to you.

Brandon: Likewise, Chris.

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