Epigenetic Biomarkers As A Proactive Approach To Pet Health Care │ EpiPaws

An animal's age can tell a lot about them. For starters, it can help estimate their average life span, the pet health care they need, and the type of behavior you can expect from them. Also, knowing their age can help you gauge whether they are slowing down or developing [...]

Applying The Principles Of Natural Holistic Health For Cats │ Purrrfectly Holistic

In modern health, one can consider using a holistic approach to ensure your pet's health. It is becoming truer as an alternative now that holistic medicine is more readily available. Though, it does make many pet owners wonder which approach or method of holistic health for cats is safest and [...]

Pets Living Naturally With The Help Of Animal Aromatherapy │ Texas Oil Lady

While Aromatherapy is rather famous for its therapeutic uses and benefits for humans, only a few know that animal aromatherapy also exists. With more people seeking alternative, natural, and holistic therapies for their health-related issues, they are also becoming aware that many of these therapies can be used and applied [...]

The Pet Health Platform Designed To Give Money Back To Pet Owners │ myBalto

The healthcare industry continuously advances into the digital era. So it's not a surprise that the same occurs in the pet healthcare industry. With the nonstop introduction of new smart pet technology, the industry only proceeds to adapt and evolve. One of the technologies that are making reasonable noise in [...]

Helping Disabled Canines By Giving Them The Best Custom Wheelchair │ Eddie’s Wheel

Many senior dogs and dogs with mobility or joint problems might experience issues walking later on in their life. If your dog displays signs of mobility difficulties or pain when walking, you should see a vet immediately. There is a pretty good chance that they will need a wheelchair. For [...]

Modern Cardboard Cat Toy Products and Playhouses │ Cat in the Box

Cat owners are constantly baffled and surprised to find their cats more interested in the cardboard box than the new toys they bought. At this point, it is no secret that cats adore cardboard boxes. When it comes to your feline companies, boxes are their jam. Litter boxes, laundry boxes, [...]