The Secret behind Horse Training │The Resnick Method Liberty Horsemanship

Horsemanship is an art that requires practice, commitment, and dedication to achieve perfection. Horse training happens to be one of the processes that fall under it. Many aspiring horse riders or equestrians give up on this stage as they think they fail to discipline or train their horse. While horse [...]

Take Your Pets Out On A Stroll With Waggin Backpack │ Waggin

Have a love for biking but are worried about leaving your pet behind at home? Then why not take them with you for a stroll? Cesar Lopez, the founder of Waggin, created the perfect solution that would allow you to grab your dog and go!   From Scratch To Backpack [...]

The Magic of Service Dogs │ MobilityDog

Service dogs are companion animals that can help people with physical or mental conditions. They are professionally trained dogs that can perform specific tasks depending on their owner’s individual needs.  They’re special companion animals capable of offering support and guidance to people with disabilities. Though, many people still seem to [...]

LA-Based Dog Daycare Offers Pet Training and Ultra-Flexible Hours | Dogdrop

As pet parents, it is normal to want the best for our dogs. However, in this fast-paced era, several things can hinder us from reaching our goal of becoming amazing dog parents. Enter Dogdrop. Launched around two and a half months before the COVID-19 pandemic that upended everyone’s lives across [...]

A Collar That Tracks Your Dog’s Vital Signs?! | Waggit Smart Health Collar

For many of us animal lovers, our pets form part of our family. In fact, you might actually even treat them as official members of yours. Just like with our human family members, we also want to make sure that even our non-human loved ones are always safe and well. [...]

Challenging Society’s Attitude Towards Undesirable Dogs | Reboundog

In a society where the greater majority lives below acceptable living standards, disadvantaged people have become a common sight. In fact, it's now reached the point where many have started to turn a blind eye to what’s going on. Fortunately, there are still individuals and welfare groups that strive to [...]

Earning a Profit While Providing Affordable, Quality Pet Care | Open Door One Health Model

Ever heard of the Open Door One Health Model? Despite the strong bond between owners and their pets, plenty of challenging circumstances can still cause pets to lose their homes. According to Dr. Sara Pizano, founder of Team Shelter U.S.A., “About 20% of animals entering shelters are relinquished by their [...]

Never Worry About Your Dog Choking on A Bully Stick Ever Again | Bow Wow Labs

Have you ever given your dog a bully stick only for them to end up biting off a chunk that's a little too big and choking on it? A terrifying situation like that is enough to make you swear off treats for good. If you're one of the concerned pet [...]