How to Use the Fosterspace Support Ticketing System

Having an overflow of fosters is great but that also leaves your animal shelter or rescue with the challenge of having to manage multiple people. You may find yourself constantly buried in emails, texts, and maybe even Facebook messages from fosters asking for help with pet supplies or advice on [...]

Ways You Can Volunteer on Doobert | Creating Volunteer Profiles

If you're looking to volunteer for an animal welfare organization, you'll find plenty of options on Doobert. You can even create multiple volunteer profiles to help more animals!   Maybe you don't just want to be a transporter but a foster and a virtual volunteer, too. Doobert gives you the [...]

The All-In-One Page to Use for Promoting Pets Online | Ambassador Pages

Promoting pets online is a vital step to helping them find a family to call their own. However, with the amount of content circulating the interwebs nowadays, the competition to catch a potential adopter's eye is getting tough.   Low-quality photos and generic captions just don't cut it anymore. To [...]

How to Add Your Animal Profiles to Doobert | Quick Add & Full Add

There are two ways to add animal profiles on Doobert. You can use Quick Add to add multiple animals at once or Full Add to individually create detailed animal profiles.   Follow the steps below to learn how to use these two features to add animal profiles to your organization's [...]

Challenging Society’s Attitude Towards Undesirable Dogs | Reboundog

In a society where the greater majority lives below acceptable living standards, disadvantaged people have become a common sight. In fact, it's now reached the point where many have started to turn a blind eye to what’s going on. Fortunately, there are still individuals and welfare groups that strive to [...]

Earning a Profit While Providing Affordable, Quality Pet Care | Open Door One Health Model

Ever heard of the Open Door One Health Model? Despite the strong bond between owners and their pets, plenty of challenging circumstances can still cause pets to lose their homes. According to Dr. Sara Pizano, founder of Team Shelter U.S.A., “About 20% of animals entering shelters are relinquished by their [...]

Never Worry About Your Dog Choking on A Bully Stick Ever Again | Bow Wow Labs

Have you ever given your dog a bully stick only for them to end up biting off a chunk that's a little too big and choking on it? A terrifying situation like that is enough to make you swear off treats for good. If you're one of the concerned pet [...]