A Pet-Friendly Guide to Weathering Storms

Are you ready for hurricane season? Any inclement weather, mild or severe, can result in scared, stressed and even lost pets. Animals can often can predict and smell an approaching storm well before humans, which can influence their behavior. Be aware of how your pets act during severe weather and [...]

3 Simple Tips on Effective Fundraising for Shelters and Rescues

  For animal rescues and shelters, fundraising is an integral part of running an animal welfare organization. Some people thrive on fundraising, while others abhor it and view it as a difficult but necessary requirement. But be that as it may, what makes some organizations more successful than others at [...]

Maylow the FeLV Kitty

I received word that a FeLV kitty needed to be transported a few hours south to a humane society that could care for, and eventually adopt her out. Maylow is a rather large kitty, and sounded exactly like my own chonky kitty that I have at home. Same meows, same…