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Wild Spirits Gift Box with Kelly Vaughn art for Fellow Mortals--PICK UP AT FELLOW MORTALS

by Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital


This beautiful gift box can also be used to mail your special gift, or gift card.

Measures 9 x 6 x 2" and made of sturdy corrugated card board

End flaps, outside and inside are printed in full color with several of Kelly Vaughn's original art works for Fellow Mortals, including American crow, Red-tailed hawk, Great horned owl, Ruby-throated hummingbird, and deer

Price is for box only.

This box can be used to mail the following items offered in this gift shop:

Trifold note cards, flat note cards, miniature cardinal lantern, deer ornaments, squirrel ornaments, Fellow Mortals ceramic ornaments with Wild Spirits artwork, Fellow Mortals' nature notebook and watercolor pencils, Wild Spirits key chains and other similar sized items.

Shipping available:  Boxes can be shipped flat if ordered without product. 

E-mail [email protected]

Price: $10.00

Shipping Price: $0.00