9 puppies from Texas to NY

Tell us how the transport came together?

This was my first transport. I had heard a famous author and fosterer extraordinaire Cara sue Achterberg mentioned DOOBERT on a video blog. I am always trying to help save more lives and thought this was easy!

Were there any memorable moments from this transport?

At my meet up, we loaded 2 crates of puppies. The larger bunch were rowdy…growling barking and fighting. Driving solo on the highway, I prayed they were doing ok. I cranked classical music on the radio and they all went to sleep.

What could have made this transport better?

The only improvement might have been a copilot to reassure me they weren’t killing each other. But truly it went very smoothly!

Tell us about your passenger/s (behavior, demeanor, etc)?

Puppies… do I need to say more? At the exchange, the shoppers were all gushing about their cuteness. They were super friendly and energetic. And I pray they all get great forever homes

Why did you take this transport, what compelled you to help?

My author friend Cara has enlightened me how many good dogs are euthanized down south. And there are so many folks up here looking for dogs. It’s the right thing to do.


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