Helping Companies Establish Offices That Treat Dogs as a Friend | Connected Canine

It’s become increasingly common to bring pet dogs into the workplace. Luckily, there are organizations like Connected Canine that help organizations accommodate requests for and manage dog-friendly office premises. Founded by Jeff Skalka, Connected Canine saves companies money and time by providing pet-friendly workspace design, an HR toolkit, and onsite [...]

Guiding Pet Parents through the Loss of a Pet | Griffin’s Heart

For pet parents, the loss of a pet can be especially devastating.  Take it straight from Reagan Pasternak, an actress born in Canada but currently living in Los Angeles, whose grief for her dog led her to write a book that would become the first interactive guide to pet loss. [...]

Little Miss Roxy

Helping this sweet baby girl get to her foster home one leg at a time. I was lucky enough to do an overnight with this cutie..

Changing Parents’ Behavior to Change Dogs’ Behavior | Truly Force Free Animal Training

As Mahatma Gandhi used to say, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” And for dog trainers with Truly Force Free™ Animal Training, this means changing their client’s behavior in order to get their dogs to truly change. According to Shannon Riley-Coyner, the founder and owner of [...]

Recruiting Volunteers in Animal Shelters for Dogs | Greater Good Charities – Rescue Rebuild

For many animal lovers, pets are often their ultimate companions, as their four-legged friends serve as their source of comfort. Because of this, it’s no surprise that most pet parents would rather stay with their fur babies no matter what circumstances may arise. This extends even to situations where the [...]

Save Time by Using Favorite Rides for Local Ride Requests!

Are you using Local Rides to transport animals to regular appointments, like vet checkups, grooming, or training sessions? You could actually save yourself a lot of time by using Favorite Rides!   Favorite Rides allows you to pair up a pick-up and drop-off location so you can easily select them [...]