Canadian Distributor of Finnessiam Health and Safe Supplies for Pets | Dogs of Pride

If you’re based in Canada and have no idea where to get your favorite natural supplies for your pets, Dogs of Pride is a viable option. Owned by Wendie Patrick, Dogs of Pride aims to help pet parents get to the root of their pet’s health problems. It carries a [...]

Cat Camera Collars That Make Your Cats Easy to Find | Glow Track Collar

Is your cat the escape artist type? Do they keep getting lost without you getting any idea until it’s too late? Glow track collars can give you the intel you need. Invented by Kimberley Freeman, the glow track collars are a new kind of cat camera collars that can help [...]

The World’s First Smart Pet Thermometer | Mella Pet Care

As far as pet health goes, one thing remains certain: preventative care is just as important for pets as it is for humans. Despite this, the pet industry has seen fewer pets being taken to the vet as often as needed for the last five years. Either it’s because of [...]