WoofPacks: Never Carry Bags of Dog Poop Again!


Spending time with your dog is one of the greatest joys in life. Whether they’re a total diva or a complete goofball, they simply never fail to make you smile. Dogs are the masters of living in the moment and in their company, you just can’t help but do the same.

But, as much as you love your furry friend, cleaning up after them during walks is never fun. Awkwardly carrying around waste-filled bags doesn’t promote an enjoyable on-the-go experience with your pet. Thankfully, Lisa Bast, creator of the WoofPack dog-walking accessory bag, found a way to free dog owners from carrying bagged waste and stuffing personal items in their pockets (and who doesn’t love that?).


What Is the WoofPack?

The WoofPack is a multi-functional carryall that features an inner antimicrobial compartment to store bagged doggy waste plus separate pockets to stash personal items like a cellphone, collapsible water bowl, plastic bags, pet treats, and pet medications.

The bag is made of water-resistant material and equipped with rust and corrosion-resistant brass-plated snap hooks. The standard strap length is around 39 inches long and made with durable, 600 denier polyester canvas.

But dog owners can also request the 45-inch variant or a custom length longer than that for an additional charge.

For the bag closure, the Woofpack comes with durable velcro strips so you’ll no longer have to deal with faulty or rust-ridden zippers.

And, unlike most doggy waste bag holders, the WoofPack is actually fashionable and discreet. It can be carried in four convenient ways and you wouldn’t be able to tell it apart from a regular bag just by looking at it.

With the WoofPack, you’ll never have to be embarrassed to swing by the grocery store or stop to greet your neighbors during walks (at a safe distance, of course!) ever again!


WoofPack Designs

The WoofPack comes in five different color combinations in addition to the new “DOG MOM” design. Check out the color combinations below. Just click on the image of the bag you like to order your Pack!


Shoutout to our dog-loving friends at Waggin’ Trails for this pawsome carryall! Check out their website here to learn more about the WoofPack!


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