What’s Doobert.com about?

Doobert.com is software, delivered through your internet browser, that helps you plan transports and fundraisers, find fosters, photographers and other types of volunteers and much, much more. Below is a quick look at the modules we have to help you save more animals…

Doobert.com is a portal especially built by animal lovers for animal lovers. It is a place where you can volunteer your services as rescue drivers, rescue pilots, photographers or fosters and give abandoned pets a new home.

With Doobert, you can plan transports from local dog rescue centers and help with fundraisers, find fosters and animal photographers and volunteer in many ways to save our four-legged friends. The software has a number of modules that can help you carry out this task easily:

  • Rescue Relay Module
  • Find Fosters, Photographers and other volunteers
  • Fundraiser Module
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • You can sign up today and start right here!

Rescue Relay Transport

Plan your animal rescue relay transports by just entering the from and to where the animals need to go and we’ll plot it on Google Maps and notify the drivers AND PILOTS along the route based upon the days THEY are available and only for transports near them.  Every volunteer we have is a volunteer YOU have.

Find Fosters, Photographers & other volunteers

Easily search and find volunteers to support your operations. Whether you need Fosters, or professional photographers, or someone to man your booth, approved Doobert organizations can search for and contact any of the volunteers.

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Fundraiser Module

Create specific fundraisers for an animal with the line items you need to raise money for. Each fundraiser is customizable and you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and through e-mail, all with the click of your mouse!

iPhone & Android Apps

Always on the go? Doobert.com has you covered. Our smart phone apps will allow you to monitor your transports and add new animal profiles right through your phone. No computer required!