What becomes of them?

Such a sad, sweet dog. All along the trip I keep praying she was going to a better life. Although I don’t know her full story, her condition makes me angry at those who appear to have mistreated her.  I so wish we could get updates on the animals we transport. I’m still thinking about my first passenger—Bagel, the Beagle.  Fell in love with him and would like to know he has a happy forever home. Same with dear Angel. What will become of her? 


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2 thoughts on “What becomes of them?

  1. Missy McLaughlin May 10, 2019 at 12:53 pm - Reply Author

    I was part of her rescue too. We all fell in love. I asked the foster organization how I could find out what happens to our transports. We apparently can follow Angel on Red Rocks Rescue in PA. I just went on the site and they have an awful picture of her. I said I would be happy to submit pics from our transport on messenger that were great!!

    • Thank you Missy for your comment. Since each organization handles transports and updates differently we encourage people to submit stories and pictures and share links so that others can see updates as well. I hope you’re able to get better pictures to them – pictures really do tell a story!

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