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Volunteers Transport Two Puppies to Ellijay, Georgia

Ellijay, GA – A local rescue organization and Doobert volunteers transported two puppies, Gully and Dani, to their new homes in Ellijay, Georgia.

Puppies transported to Ellijay, GeorgiaGully, at 5 weeks old, was buried in the trash and a local hunter heard his cry. The hunter did not see any other puppies alive. Gully spent three weeks in a foster home where he was properly fed, met other dogs and received unconditional love.

Dani was found on the side of the road in Mobile, Alabama. She had been hit by a car and left on the side of road to fend for herself. A local veterinarian found Dani and it looked like she had been dragged by the car that hit her, leaving the equivalent of road rash.

Gully and Dani traveled over 400 miles from Mobile, Alabama to Ellijay, Georgia. Thanks to VT Dog Rescue and all of the volunteers on this transport, Gully and Dani have the chance at a new life.

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