understands the critical role volunteers play in animal rescue. With, you’re in charge! You determine what type and breed of animal you rescue, the days you are available, and the distance you are willing to travel. Gone are the days of lengthy email threads! Control your participation and manage your transports with the simple click of a button.

Transporters can:

  • Specify days you are available and distance you are willing to travel.
  • Receive notifications for rescues that match YOUR profile criteria.
  • Control your participation and future notifications by “opting-in” to a transport.
  • Utilize Google Maps or FAA Aviation charts (coming soon) to draw your leg of the route, or join a predetermined leg of the route.
  • Communicate with transport participants and rescue organizations using our real-time collaboration tool. No more lengthy email threads!
  • Provide feedback to highlight reputable rescue organizations and ensure safe and reliable transport teams.
  • Take with you on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.