Updating your profiles is simple!

1. Log into your Doobert account

From MY DASHBOARD, select the PROFILE button.


2. Changing your email address

To change your email address, click on GENERAL PROFILE, edit your email and don’t forget to update

Doobert change email

3. Transporter Profile

Entering your availability, driving radius and vehicle information are key to receiving notifications from Doobert on opportunities for you to help!

Doobert Transporter Profile

4. Foster Home Profile

If you’re able to help by fostering an animal/s, we strongly encourage you to complete the application. Organizations are able to search for volunteers who can help and they’ll be able to reach you quickly after reviewing your information.

Doobert Foster Home

5. Photographer Profile

Do you love to take pictures of animals? Organizations are looking for volunteers to help them get their animals adopted quicker. Make sure to update and save today!

Doobert Photographer

6. Check out the other ways to help!

Doobert Profiles

You’re all set! You’ll start receiving communications from Doobert and Organizations will be able to reach you when they are looking for help!

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