Ugly Dog Day: Why the Chinese Crested Comes On Strong as the World’s Ugliest

In the fourth week of June 2020, the ugliest among dog breeds would have come together at the Sonoma-Marin Fair Grounds and Event Center to compete for the “World’s Ugliest Dog” title. Owners by now would have been busy with last-minute preps, each hoping that their pet will bag the title this time.

Unfortunately, organizers of the popular dog competition announced last month about their decision to cancel this particular event.  And understandably, it’s a precautionary move to help stop spreading the virus further.

Although the Sonoma-Marin Fair will push through this month as a “virtual fair” in place of the real one, the ugliest dog competition has been excluded from it.  According to contest organizers, “It doesn’t lend itself to a virtual experience”, and we couldn’t agree more.

So, while looking forward to the next year’s ugliest dog competition, let’s just take a look at the dog breed which has frequently made it to the top.  Are you curious about which breed it is?

The Chinese Crested has snagged the title many times over in the last 30 years or so of the competition. While other dog breeds are unsightly darlings in their own right, the Chinese Crested dog may yet be the ultimate drop-dead hideous creature with a cuteness overload that takes your breath away – literally.

Do you wonder why this breed made it the hearts of judges every so often? Can you guess what makes them strong contenders in the ugliest dog competition? Let’s dig for some facts.


The Chinese Crested dog, especially the true hairless ones are blessed with one layer of hair which grows on its head and extremities, rather than on its body. If you’re used to being around hairy dogs, an almost naked-looking dog may look odd.

Ugly Dog Day: Why the Chinese Crested Comes On Strong as the World’s Ugliest


A Chinese Crested dog has pointy teeth and is genetically prone to missing teeth at a very tender age. Sometimes, the teeth overcrowd or may arc and grow towards the mouth.  So, expect a smile that’s creepy yet adorable and worthy of an “ugly-cute” caption.

Ugly Dog Day: Why the Chinese Crested Comes On Strong as the World’s Ugliest


PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) is a condition that causes cloudiness or discoloration on the surface of the eye. It can also lead to eye cataracts. The Chinese Crested dog is one among dog breeds that are easily affected by the disease. Those which have been treated of this condition aren’t saved from the physical “scars” left by the disease.

But what makes them very endearing despite their strange tufts of hair, near-spooky grin, and spellbinding eyes? It’s their winning personalities. These dog breeds have a strong devotion to their human owners once the bond has been established. Viewed as a good companion dog, they’re also great lapdogs. They’re intelligent and can pick up tricks easily. They are alert and portray a happy, playful disposition.

Ugly Dog Day: Why the Chinese Crested Comes On Strong as the World’s Ugliest


One of the judges of the competition has said that apart from appearance and personality, there’s still another factor that they look into, and that is audience impact.

Chinese Crested dogs tromping on the red carpet generate an awesome reaction from the crowd (But let us not forget, other dog breeds carry that “wow” factor as well).

It’s the same thing with humans. We get awed by people who exude charm.  Their presence alone gives a long-lasting impression.

We all know that “pretty” is just skin deep. And so like the Chinese Crested dogs or any dog breed for that matter, it’s the character that matters. The “ugly-cute” just happened to be a physical quality, which for obvious reasons, gets noticed first. The beauty of an ugly dog lies in its imperfection.  The more you look at it, the more you will want to see what lies beneath.

It’s “Ugly Dog Day” today. But any time you see an ugly dog, whether it’s a Chinese Crested or not, always look past the oddness and find the goodness!