Episode 8: Tim Mitchum – WINPRO

Tim Mitchum

Tim Mitchum

The WINPRO story goes back to the 1980s at Iowa State University where there were trials done to try and save the lives of weaning baby piglets. During this stressful time, young piglets are taken away from mom. Many died from the stress. So, researchers at Iowa State started putting spray-dried blood plasma into the pigs’ starter diet. It had a profound and positive effect. So instead of losing lots of pigs, farmers lost hardly any. And a revolution was born… Over the years, blood proteins have been used to improve the lives of many animals including dairy calves, lambs, kids, goats, juvenile fish, and horses. In late 2016, WINPRO was formed to explore using blood proteins in dogs and the results were nothing short of astonishing.

Today, WINPRO is the only company to offer a line of blood protein supplements formulated especially for dogs. We got the chance to interview Tim Mitchum, President of WINPRO, and get the inside scoop on how blood protein supplements work and WINPRO’s humble beginnings.


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I am to meet him and you are tuned into the animal innovation show. You’ve tuned into the animal innovation show, where we feature people, products, services and ideas that are helping animals and the people who care for them live better lives. If it’s innovative, and if it helps animals, you can find it here first, so get ready. Here comes this week’s newest innovation for animals Awesome and reduction Tim. So thank you. Tell us, Tim, Who are you and what are you doing that’s innovative and helping animals? I am the president of Wind Pro and Win Pro makes the very only first and only blood protein supplements for dogs. And that’s really cool, because blood proteins are really nature’s best weapon against inflammation. So we’re getting rid of inflammation in dogs, which helps them with so many different health issues that we’re able to work really fast to help them really solve issues from painful problems that they’re facing. So for those of us that don’t know blood protein, right like blood, and then I’m a little bit confused. Yeah, so blood proteins. It’s really plasma, right? Plasma powder. It’s in the form of spray dried plasma. But back in the early eighties, I’m from Iowa, and so and I was State University. They were having a really terrible mortality rate when it came to weaning piglets that process. So they try to environmental things. They try different types of nutrition, and eventually they started to add these blood proteins to the top of the food, and their mortality rate went from 20% to less than 3%. Wow. Yeah, right. And so what they found out was the stress of that situation was causing so much inflammation that that was actually the issue for the mortality. And so that science from back in the eighties has made its way through many species like dairy, calves, lambs, goats all the way into performance resources. Which is where it was right before we brought it to dogs. So it’s been around. Well, I like to say over 210 dog years, the science behind it now we’re just bringing it to dogs. And I guess we’ve been around for a few years, but it’s pretty new to most people, right? Yeah. I was going to say I hadn’t heard of this before, so tell me more. I mean, you talked about it helps to reduce inflammation. So you you obviously learn about this and when How come nobody’s applying this to dogs? Right? Dogs obviously have issues as well. So I guess walk me through a little bit of the science. How does this work? You know, what is it? Why is it different? Yeah, it’s really super cool. And it took me a while to really kind of wrap my head around because you can get real science E and get confused on it. But the way they work is so simple and natural that it’s really cool. And so this is it all of our products that we have, they have a blend of blood proteins inside of that right there in the dry powder form. It’s in a soft tune street, and so they all have that in it. No matter what the issue is that we’re trying to solve. What blood proteins do is that they go via bloodstream and get rid of excessive inflammation at the source of a problem. So, like if you have joint issues, there’s obviously some kind of inflammation related to that. If the dog’s system is stressed and overworked from just normal life that inflammation doesn’t get taken care of. Okay, so what we do is we get rid of the inflammation at the source so that the dog system essentially heals itself. Naturally, if you don’t get rid of that inflammation, things become chronic, right? So if you have a really stressed dog, let’s just say they don’t have a good diet or they have another injury somewhere else, or just whatever that is there, just being worked. If you don’t get that dog normalized on the inflammation, the dog system really can’t heal itself, which is what you know. It’s designed to do so. That’s what we do is just get rid of inflammation at the problem at the source of the problem, so that the dog system can heal themselves naturally. Now, would it also help medicine to be more effective because you are reducing the inflammation? Is that another benefit of this? Yes, and in fact, we have a gut health product that not only helps everything work better, it also pulls more nutrients out of nutrition. So if you if you give your dog really good dog food, but there’s a you know, your gut. The dogs lining is, you know, inflamed or has some leaky gut issues. Well, they’re not getting the benefit of that expensive dog food with the good ingredients and the good nutrition. So when you normalize that and really we talk about what we want to do in all situations is simply restore the dog to normal. That’s it. And so if we do that, that’s perfect, right? I mean, if your gut is normal, it’s operating perfectly. You don’t need to boost it or, you know, fake supercharge anything. It is returning to normal, and it’s perfect and a lot of little issues go away. And, yeah, everything else works works better. One of the challenges that that we saw in the industry is that you can treat a lot of things with nutrition. But if there is inflammation that isn’t going away, that you don’t get the benefit of that and nothing was doing a really good job of doing that. And blood proteins just from the science is just nature’s best weapon at doing that, which is super cool. So that’s really all they’re supposed to do. We know you love animals. But maybe you’re not sure how you can get involved To help save the hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs needlessly euthanized every year. Did you know there’s one place you can go to to sign up as a volunteer, transporter, foster or even social ambassador for rescue animals? Joubert dot com is custom built by animal rescuers. For animal rescuers, you simply create a profile and choose the ways that you can help. Joubert is proud to support more than 5000 rescues and shelters and more than 30,000 duper tears. Just like you working to save animals, join us and you can save lives simply go to www dot google dot com to get started today. You make it sound so simple. That’s all they’re doing right? But, you know, you touched on something because what was going through my mind is you were talking was how is this different from probiotics and probiotics and everything? Biotics right. So walk me through that. Yeah, So probiotics and probiotics, they work dealing with bacteria. Okay, so what we do is solely based on inflammation, so they work awesome together. So if you have a you know, a probiotic and you get the gut levels of the bacteria and everything balanced the way they should be. There could be still some inflammation in the gut. We take out that extra little bit of inflammation so that it’s just operating perfect. Yeah, so we combine really well with any medication or supplement or probiotic anything like that in any nutrition because we’re not competing against those things were simply just basically getting rid of the inflammation so that the dogs system can just function normally. So how do I know if my dog system is inflamed? I mean, is this like I got a dog? So I mean, what am I looking for? So most times people come to us first because they’ve tried everything and their dogs still limps, or they haven’t been able to leaky guts, a term that we use for a lot of things nowadays, you know, So they’ve had digestive issues, and they just haven’t been able to solve them with nutrition or environmental issues things. So when the majority of the people that we’ve come to us are to solve a painful problem and they want it solved quickly because nothing else has worked. So it’s usually a visual thing like our allergy product is our number one product right now, because dogs, for some reason the last few years, have allergies all year round. So it’s not that the problems are different. They just haven’t been solved. And ours because the blood proteins work biologically. They worked very, very fast. So most of time you’ll see results in just days, as opposed to two months. So we always say, within within 30 days, for sure. But usually within 15 to 20 days, you’ll see results with our product. If it’s an issue that our product will really help with now, are there different variations? I mean, obviously you get multiple products, right? So there’s there different types of implementing machine, or what’s the difference between the products? So you have the main blood proteins throughout right, and then we just add a couple clean ingredients that are common to the supplement world. You have an enhanced effect in that area. So, like with our mobility product or hip and joint product, we would have the blood protein mix and then we have balanced college and just you know, in addition to that, like with our gut health, we would have some marshmallow root powder so we don’t We don’t try to load up on ingredients. We want to get rid of the information at a couple active ingredients that will enhance the effect in that area. And that’s it. That’s really cool. So now are you a biochemist or something? Is that how you got into this? No, I am definitely not a biochemist. We actually the founder of our company, Bill Bernardo, to kind of a cool story. He was working in the performance horse world. His job was basically tasked to bring blood proteins that they had seen in all these feed animals and livestock species to performance resources. Because performance resources have tremendous amount of stress and tremendous amount of inflammation created from that stress. So they wanted something to help them really is the hardest pushed animal. Probably one of the hardest pushed animals, probably. And so that was his job. But this thing is, he’s really a kennel guy stuck in a stable. He had five dogs at home, saw the amazing results that these horses were getting, and he just kind of had an A ha moment. He didn’t like horses. He just wasn’t comfortable around horses. And so he just decided, Well, let’s just bring this to the dog world. And so he took the science that he had learned from all those other you know, working in the performance racehorse world. And he just kind of translated over two dogs. Interesting. So now do you guys focus just on dogs? Is it also for cats? Or is that a future thing? Yeah, so right now we only do for dogs, the science would translate very easily to cats. But we, you know, we’re just We’re just trying to get all the dog problem solved first and and then there’s definitely thoughts around adding for the cats, for sure, because they’ve got a lot of little issues to, like, urinary track stuff. It’s a big issue for them to interesting. So then what’s your background, Tim? How did how did you get this far? So I came here simply because I was in the online world in marketing for the majority of my adult life, and I was looking for something different to do, but I had no idea what it was and so I had a long hair Chihuahua that I married into, and she hadn’t jumped on the couch for, like, three or four years. And she was getting older, so I didn’t think anything of it. Wasn’t really that big a deal. But a friend of mine who was an investor in wind pro said, Hey, you should try this hip and joint product that they have. I’m like, Okay, well, and I didn’t really think anything of it, but so I started giving it to her. And within 15 days she was jumping all over the house. Wow pouch The bed it was she was like a puppy again. And what was like this crazy aha moment is like I realized at that moment she could always physically do that right? Her body had the structure, all the you know, that everything, she could physically do it. But at some point, the soreness was so much that she had decided to stop it. And then once she stopped it, that became like a habit. And then all of a sudden, she never jumps to anywhere, you know? So the moment that that inflammation got reduced, her body was able to heal itself. It was like she had different legs, and it’s just because she felt like she could do it. And I thought, Man, that’s crazy that you can do that But it’s no different than us, like if our back is sore and there’s a box on the ground, we’ll walk by that box until our back feels better. But if our back never feels better, that box just stays right there until we tell somebody else to pick it up. And it’s really that simple, which to me is amazing. So when he did that, they were looking for somebody to help them go direct to the consumer. And so I had that experience. I had passion behind the product because I had seen what had done. And I still have an amazing amount of passion behind the product. Just because I see constantly results from our customers and their dogs and really, you know, solidifying that bond for as long as possible, Um, in a healthy way. So, like, somebody will now be walking again with their trusted pal that they walked with every day for years, but just stopped, you know. But now they’re walking again. like that. It’s really cool to hear the story. So that’s kind of the background of how I got into it and why I’m so passionate about giving, You know, other dogs that have really tried to solve problems that haven’t been able to. Another option that is after nutrition, but before shots and harmful medications like we kind of fit in that gap of way different hopefully keep you from having to do the painful route of shots or, you know, medication that may. It’s just it’s just hard to put your dog on medication that you’re concerned about. You know how it makes them feel or interact with them. So, yeah, I was going to ask you. That question actually is like, Where do people get it? Is this only through that? Is it considered medication? Because when I think blood protein, I think anything blood I go, that’s got to be regulated or something. So where does this fall in? Yeah, So most of the stuff is we were members of the n A S C. So we want to make sure we do everything right. We would love to be in vets, and most vets get us. We just haven’t had much luck competing with the big pharmaceuticals to take up space inside of there. And we keep our price point where it’s affordable for people. And so that’s not necessarily that attractive sometimes to of that office who can make more money, you know, maybe on a shot of Rommedahl versus, you know, a supplement, so we would love to be in those, and we are getting more and more interest from that. But we sell direct to the consumer on our website, Amazon and Chewy. Those are the main platforms. And then we have about 20 to 25 really high quality retailers that our education focused and the owners usually involved and really cares and is passionate about the dogs. And we’re building that all the time. Have you seen amazing animal foster videos on Facebook and Instagram and wondered how you could create videos for your foster cats to highlight their true personalities and get them adopted? Do you want to be an adoption ambassador for your foster animals but lack the tools to easily capture and post compelling video of their true personality? Is your shelter Rescue group signed up as an organization on Dilbert through the Revolutionary Foster Space module do. It is the only platform that has adoption ambassador pages so that you, as the Foster, can upload videos and photos of your foster animal to their own unique Instagram style page. Be an adoption ambassador for your foster animal and help them to get adopted faster. Sign up for free at www dot dilbert dot com and fill out your foster profile and let your shelter rescue know today about Joubert Foster space so that you can get started. Interesting. Yeah, I would think it’s probably a little bit of a burden because people haven’t heard of this right. So trying to get them to understand what our blood proteins, how does it help? But kind of like you said, It’s not like this is new science. The science has been around for decades. It’s just it’s just new to dog owners. Yeah, and it’s It’s really a few people think of, you know, change the word out Blood plasma. It kind of makes it. Makes it maybe a little bit easier to understand. So college. Yeah, right, right. There’s just a lot of good things in blood that when you extract those good things out can be very beneficial to another animal. So this is like a like a daily supplement type thing that I should be looking at giving my dog. Yeah. So what’s cool about our products is you can give them as needed, or every day. So we have. It just depends on where your dogs out in their life cycle, right? And what their activities are we having a gut health product that you should be on every day after weaning? Just that just keeps the gut normal, which is really one of the most important things. And then we have a calming product that’s usually as needed. Unless it’s a separation anxiety issue. That’s all the time, or hip and joint mobility product. And then we have also our allergy product and that that seems to be more and more ongoing. So most people combine one or two, sometimes even three together. I’m usually the third one is as needed. So like maybe they’re on immunity and mobility product, but thunderstorms are coming this weekend. Then they’ll add like a calming product, but interesting you can interchange them very safely. No harmful side effects. That’s really cool. So what’s next for you guys? I mean, obviously you brought this to the pet world, right? So where are you going next? We are just going to continue to do whatever we possibly can to get our product in the hands of as many dog owners and in the mouths of as many dogs as possible. And right now, for us, that is focusing on the main platforms that we can bring in super high quality retailers. And then, hopefully, at some point being invited into really have a presence in the vet world because we have a lot of vets that recommend us. It’s just getting inside of their offices, as has been a challenge. Now I can imagine. I mean, there’s a lot of people probably vying for that opportunity, and again, it’s another one of the things you got to educate and get people to understand the benefits. So if people want to learn more Tim, if they want to learn more about how this works, obviously by, you know, get in contact with you, how should they go about it? Yeah, you can go to win pro pet dot com w I n p r o pet dot com, and we have a phone number on there. There’s obviously an email address info at Winthrop it dot com or anybody can email me at T i m m at wind pro pet dot com. And you can put those links anywhere you want, you know, inside of whatever we’re doing. Yeah, and that’s a really simple way. We always, um, answer and take care of our customers very quickly. That’s really cool. I’m really excited to learn about this myself. Like I told you, I didn’t know anything about this. So I really appreciate you coming on and educating me and sharing with us. You know what you guys are doing? Yeah. And don’t forget, I should mention this. We make them in the form of a soft tissue, so the dogs think they’re retreat, but they’re actually really beneficial for him. Nice. Yeah. So you don’t even have to fight with them not to wrap it and get them to take it. Yeah, You know, my dad, I think, has got me wrapped around his He knows he’s like, now put that in cheese, and then I’ll eat it so good to know. And for all of our listeners and viewers, we want to remind you, if you’ve got an idea for somebody I should interview on the show, just go to innovation Start, show and let us know. I mean anybody that is innovative helping animals. We’re always looking for new people to talk to. So thanks again, Tim, I really appreciate you coming on today. Thank you. I appreciate everything. Thanks for joining us for the animal Innovations show. If you want to volunteer to help animals, check out dilbert dot com where you can join tens of thousands of do for tears supporting rescues and shelters around the world to help animals. And if you know, if something or someone innovative that’s helping animals, let us know by going to www dot innovations dot show.


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