Thursday December 8 Updates

Tons of new awesome features on Doobert!

  • Hyperlinked Transport Map – Now from our Upcoming Transport Map, when you click on a line you can then click on a HYPERLINKED transport number to be taken to that specific transport page.
  • Log out after 1 hour – Now Doobert will automatically update and send you back to a login screen after 1 hour of inactivity to help protect your security.
  • Confirm emails – We now require NEW users to confirm their emails before we will send them transportation notifications.  This should help for those people that just sign up to poke around but never intended to really volunteer to help.
  • Updated Pop-over page – We’ve added a Lost Animal Support profile so volunteers can sign-up to help out the Lost Dogs groups across the country.
  • Search users by email – Instead of searching the Doobert volunteer database with a name, you can now search using their email.  Makes it easier to add authorized users to your organization quickly.
  • Save only button – For TCs, when they need to make a change to a transport they previously had to re-publish the transport.  Now we’ve added a SAVE ONLY button so they can choose whether the change needs to be pushed to the volunteers or just updated without notification.


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