February 7, 2015
I live in Alabama took in 11 puppies who had been abandoned at only 3 weeks old with nothing, not even their Mom could get to them.  But then, through the power of social media, I met Lori. She runs a rescue in Wisconsin. The only issue was transport. I then got a message from Lori to sign up at doobert.com. She explained it all to me in a very short e-mail. I went there and was stunned. I have never seen a transport work like this. But I filled out the info that was requested and the next thing you know, it had mapped the route for us, had the “legs” all planned, drivers were signing up, and the best part, the creator offered to fly the puppies their final leg to reduce their travel time. I honestly was so impressed by the ease of using Doobert and how user friendly the site is, I hope this catches on like wildfire and more receiving rescues choose this option. It’s simply amazing and will always be my 1st suggestion when I am called to transport again. I’ve never seen a transport get organized so quickly and efficiently. I think transport coordinators will fall in love with this amazing tool.