Dog Dental Product Improves Dog’s Teeth for Healthy Dog Gums | TEEF for Life – Protektin42

teef protektin42 dog dental product improves dogs' teeth for healthy dog gums

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 72 - TEEF for Life - Protektin42

Dog Dental Product Improves Dog’s Teeth for Healthy Dog Gums | TEEF for Life – Protektin42

Improve your furbabies’ dental health in a safer, revolutionary way!

TEEF for Life’s Protektin42 prebiotic powder makes healthy dog gums within your and your Fidos’ reach.

According to Dr. Emily Stein, a self-proclaimed microbiologist geek, the co-founder of TEEF, and inventor of Protektin42™, the idea for drinkable dental health started when she almost lost her rescue dog due to dental hygiene neglects.

“I used my doctorate in microbiology and experience in immunology to come up with an approach to really keep the bad bacteria contained and really help the good bacteria survive and grow and flourish and protect our dogs’ mouths.”

the science of teef protektin42

Protektin42 to Your Dogs’ Dental Rescue

For dog moms and dads, Protektin42™ is a scientifically proven and proactive solution if they want to treat their canines’ symptoms of poor oral hygiene. It also lets them proactively protect their furbabies’ long-term, systemic health.

As explained on TEEF’s website, Protektin42™ is unique from other dental care products for dogs that you see today.

Instead of killing as many oral bacteria as possible, what Protektin42™ does is that it strengthens beneficial bacteria and weakens the bad ones. This paves the way for a naturally balanced oral microbiome and a healthier mouth.



TEEF for LIFE - Drinkable Dental Health

Dr. Emily elaborated on the role her rescue dog played in the invention of the prebiotic powder,

“She (her dog) was obviously neglected. And they told me she definitely needed dental cleaning, but she needed way more than a dental cleaning. She needed 21 teeth extracted, and she had to get pumped full of antibiotics…to clean her body up because her dental infection had spread to a bloodstream infection.”

The good thing was that, after 36 hours of feeling anxious, the veterinarians were able to save her dog’s life. However, it was an experience that she didn’t want other pet parents to go through as well, especially since a similar scenario already happened to her grandmother about 13 years ago.

My grandma had this health crisis, and I tried to biohack through oral microbiome to try to stop it from causing any further dental disease. And then four years later, I was reliving that nightmare with my new dog. And it just made me realize, ‘Wow, if you have a mouth and you’re warm-blooded and have fur or hair, you have a problem’,”

Dr. Emily said.

Protektin42: Vet- and Pet Parent-Approved

With a mission to protect the years in canines’ lives and the life in canines’ years, TEEF formulated Protektin42™ to go beyond the usual ingredients and find truly safe and effective formulations.

teef protektin42 vet and pet parent-approved


“The goal for dogs, humans, and cats is to actually stop organic acids from being produced in the mouth, which causes inflammation, causes leaky gums. So, my goal is to not even go towards that end of the disease spectrum. It’s just trying to keep dogs and people’s mouths in a stable position with a healthy microbiome that helps protect the tissue, protect the periodontal ligament, and keep the dog in a healthy state.”

What’s even cooler about it is that Dr. Emily and her team no longer added any probiotics. They’re only expanding the percentage of the good bacteria normally residing in a dog’s mouth and diversifying the microbiome to maintain the threshold of good and human bacteria in the dog’s mouth.



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Dr. Stein: Hi, I’m Dr. Emily Stein with TEEF, on The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Awesome introduction. So, thank you for that. Dr. Emily, Tell us who you are, and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Dr. Stein: I’m a microbiologist geek. If it’s a bacteria, fungus, or virus, I’m all over it. And I almost lost a rescue dog due to dental hygiene neglect. 

And so something called gum disease, which starts way below the gum line, is an inflammatory signal, which means puffy gums, red gums. But it can lead to what happened to my dog Tinzley. And when I rescued her, she was 10. She was obviously neglected.

And they told me she definitely needed dental cleaning. She needed way more than a dental cleaning. She needed 21 teeth extracted, and she had to get pumped full of antibiotics, different kinds to go to different places to clean her body up, because her dental infection had spread to a bloodstream infection.

So, luckily we were able to save her life. But that was like 36 hours of fear— that my brand new dog. I didn’t really know, may not survive, and so it alerted me to the problem in dogs.

My entire career is now focused on trying to solve for that problem.

Chris: Tell us more about what she developed and how it works.

Dr. Stein: The life of a dog— they’re born, They become 2, that’s the risk age. They become 3, that’s normally the first sign of disease age.

So, I use my doctorate in microbiology and experience in immunology, to come up with an approach to really keep the bad bacteria contained, and really help the good bacteria survive and grow, and flourish and protect—protect our mouth.

So, I went after a fast, easy, clean, and strategic way of talking bacterial language. So, we’re actually using nutrients to stimulate the growth of the bacteria we want in the mouth of dogs.

And we’re using this fiber we found, which is why it’s patented, and it causes a lot to protect. But we found that it strategically plugs up just bacteria and fungus, leaving humans, cats, cells, and dog cells able to take up sugar.

But the bacteria and fungus can’t and that’s super important in the mouth. It’s less important in the gut, but it’s very, very important in the mouth. Because when bacteria or yeast eat sugar, they secrete a ton of acid in things that cause bad breath, upset the immune response, create leaky gums, and ultimately lead to a really bad microbial environment in the mouth.

We don’t have sexy packaging, because we’re utilitarian. I’m not going to invest in sexy packaging. I know our packaging isn’t awesome, but it’s functional, and so it’s just the powder.

So, there’s 4— only 4 ingredients, and one, the fiber is soil fiber. It’s made from plants that soil bacteria chew up, and make this soluble fiber. And this is where we have our patents. We found it actually blocks bad behavior by bad bacteria. And then we mixed it with vitamin B6 and amino acid called L-arginine. And those two work together synergistically as a prebiotic, to turn on good eating behavior and the good bacteria you want to grow.

So, we’re stopping the growth of the bad, stopping the bad byproducts from being made, at the same time is worse, spurring the growth, and the good behavior of the good bacteria.

And it’s a simple scoop— in a dish of water, that a dog drinks throughout the day. But we’re also coming out with treats soon, after that, it will be a dental chew, so we’ve got a whole line of products.

Just keep those bacteria on the right kind of diet that we want them on, so, that we can really maintain the correct kind of threshold of good to bad— in the dog’s mouth.

Chris: So, this is really cool Dr. Emily, where can people buy it? How do they—how do they get their dog going on?

Dr. Stein: Yeah, yeah so, they can go on TEEFHEALTH.COM, or they can just Google – TEEF.

I’ve got the little logo— Oops…

Chris: There you go.

Dr. Stein: They can do that, or they can email: [email protected] if they want our white paper and want to learn more about it. We got a lot of data.

We can glaze your eyes over and over data people and geek out, or we can be very succinct. It just depends on who is answering the questions.

Chris: Well, Dr.Emily, thank you for coming on. I think this is super cool.

And as we wrap things up, I’ll just remind our viewers and listeners, that if you’re a super cool microbiologist like Dr. Emily, and you have an amazing idea that will help animals, we’d love to talk to you, so just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW, and let us know about it.

So, Dr. Emily thank you again for making bacteria cool, and I really appreciate you coming on.

Dr. Stein: Thank you, Chris.

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