The Anatomy of an Animal Photography Volunteer

Welcome to today’s installment from The Volunteer Photographer’s Zone.  I’m JJ— an Artist & Photographer in Virginia, USA who does volunteer work with my art & photography.  I am also a Doobert Driver/Transporter since 2016, and currently studying to become an ARPA Certified Transporter. I owned my own photo studio [...]

De-buzzing animal rescue transport: 7 other ways to explain animal rescue relay transport

Like every industry, the animal rescue industry has its own jargon, acronyms and lingo.  So here’s a few other ways to de-buzz the term “rescue relay transport” so your friends and family can understand. 1. Drive a leg, Save a Life.- ‘nuff said. 2. Rescue mobile; it’s like the batmobile [...]

What’s holding back the animal rescue transport industry?

When you look back on the history of animal rescue transport, like many other aspects of animal welfare and animal rescue it's come a long way.  Even before online tools like Yahoo Groups or Facebook existed, animal rescue transporters across the country would collaborate via phone calls to coordinate the [...]

How to explain animal rescue transport to your mom

Have you ever found yourself trying to explain rescue transport and how you spend your weekends to those that are not familiar with animal rescue relay transport?  “What do you mean you were out driving dogs around?  What kind of crazy person does that for fun?”  Here’s your quick guide [...]

9 signs you’re an animal rescue transport expert

We know you’re out there.  The seasoned pros of animal rescue transport experts.  The ones that have been around the block a few times and probably crisscrossed the country many more times than that.  So here’s some signs you know you’re an animal rescue transport expert.  How many of these [...]

The anatomy of a great animal rescue volunteer

If you want to be a great animal rescue volunteer you need to embody certain qualities of character. Do you measure up? Courageous – Great animal rescue volunteers are fearless. They often drive long distances in rescue transports, meeting people they’ve never met before, visiting places they’ve only seen on [...]

Doobert volunteers drive 25,000+ miles in June

PEWAUKEE, Wis. - June 29, 2018 -, the only online animal rescue transport platform for rescue relay transport, announces that in the month of June, Doobert volunteers logged over 25,000 miles driving rescue animals to safety. "It's amazing to think that in the last month, the passionate volunteers on Doobert have driven [...]